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Japanese name 山口美佳
Age 11
Hometown Springdale

Alex (Japanese: 山口美佳 Yamaguchi Mika) is a minor character of the Yo-kai Watch series.


Alex is a young girl than has short grey-ish brown hair, and a yellow cap with a blue M etched onto it. She also wears a white shirt with a red vest over it. She has brown shorts and white sneakers.


She is revealed to be a Karateka in one of the game's Requests.


In the anime

Alex makes a minor appearance in EP006. She and the other girls question why Katie is so suddenly obsessed about cleaning.

Yo-Kai Watch

Alex can be found in the bath house alongside Natalie, and invites the player to play hide and seek.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Alex first appears in the "Matt, Don't Give Up!" request. She states that they should resolve the goal problem with a penalty kick, and says she should take the shot.

Alex is a member of the Wildlife Club alongside Eric and Kenny. As part of the club, she discovers the secret base in the sewer in "The Secret Base" request and explores the abandoned mansion in Blossom Heights in the "Gone Haunting" request.

In "The Heartthrobs" request, she is concerned about Kenny and Eric suddenly avoiding her, unaware they both developed romantic feelings towards her. When she gets a letter from both of them requesting to meet her privately at the same time, she is unaware it's a set up for a love confession and leaves the choice of which boy to meet up to the player. Regardless of which boy she meets, the other intervenes and the boys get into a fight much to Alex's confusion. When the player defeats the Terrorpotta inspiriting the boys, Alex is so relieved to see Eric and Kenny friends again that she starts to cry. She tells the two she cares about them both, unknowingly causing both boys to develop crushes on her once more.

In other languages

  • Italian : Terry

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