Android Yamada (Japanese: アンドロイド山田 Andoroido Yamada) is a Rank B Lightning-attribute Yo-kai of the Hagure tribe.


Android Yamada is a humanoid-looking robot with a blank expressionless face.

His body is green with a orange crescent shape on his back held by a screw. His arms are tube-like and his hands are teardrop shaped and yellow. He has a white center with a yellow gem located in the middle, orange legs with claws on his feet, and has a name tag on his left chest saying "Yamada" (Japanese: 山田)

His Soultimate turns people and other Yo-kai into other Android Yamadas with his Heso (Belly button/navel) Beam.



"Android Yamada" is taken from the English word android, and the Japanese surname Yamada, which is commonly used as a placeholder name, similar to "Smith" in English.


Android Yamada is based on a design that was submitted for the second Yo-kai Contest.
Original Android Yamada

Android Yamada's original design.


  • Android Yamada was one of the two winning submissions for the second Yo-kai Contest held in 2015 in Japan, the other being Darisu.
  • Interestingly, the narrator in his mini corners is the same person who provides his in battle dialogue in the game.
  • There is a glitch where if a Yo-kai turns into Android Yamada while charging up their Soultimate, it will look like Android Yamada is doing a different Soultimate.
  • He reappears again in EP142, though it is unknown how he got back to Earth.