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Tomorrow Gal (Japanese: あしたガール Ashitagāru) is a Rank D Merican Yo-kai of the Heartful tribe.


A darkened, pale pink Yo-kai with big blue eyes, messy yellow hair pulled up into pigtails and is shown making a winking expression. Her outfit is a white and blue split top with two dark raspberry stripes on the left side to match her bracelets, while her skirt is solid white with blue coloring in the pleats, similar to a cheerleader's uniform. On her hands, she has green pom-poms.

Tomorrow Gal is very upbeat and loves to cheer someone. She can also charm male Yo-kai.

Tomorrow Gal has the ability to make somebody cheer on another person or cheer them up to win the next day instead of today but only when they fail. Before the game or challenge she is just annoying cause of her ability only to cheer for tomorrow instead of today.


Yo-kai Watch 3


Yo-kai Watch animation series

Tomorrow Gal debuted in EP139, where she was inspiriting Katie on the school soccer field. Having katie to cheer for her friends to win tomorrow when there still in the middle of the game. Nate summoned K'mon-K'mon to deal with her, but instead inspirited the soccer coach and the soccer game began. After K'mon-K'mon was outsmarted by Tomorrow Gal, Nate felt downhearted and defeated. Later that night, Nate's dad cheered him up with the help of Tomorrow Gal.

In episode 166, Nate summoned Tomorrow Gal to help Damajor.



  • Ashitagirl translates as tomorrow girl, referencing her ability to cheer someone on until tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow Gal is a portmanteau of tomorrow and gal, another word for girl.