Attributes are the innate magical properties that are inherent to Yo-kai and their abilities. There are 8 attributes in all:

Fire icon Water icon Lightning icon Earth icon Ice icon Wind icon Drain icon Restoration icon
Fire Water Lightning Earth Ice Wind Drain Restoration


Attributes make up what Yo-kai can use what Technique, with certain Soultimate Moves also having Attribute-based damage. The first six attacking Attributes are commonly noted as the Elemental Attributes. All Yo-kai have Attribute-based defenses. They can all can defend from one attribute the best (mainly attacks with the same Attribute as their's), while being weak to another, which doubles all damage they received. Drain is the only attacking Attribute that ignores the elemental defenses of all Yo-kai. Boss Yo-kai with this Attribute also don't have a elemental weakness. Restoration is the only Attribute that revolves solely around healing teammates.


The Elemental Charms and Rings from the first game (and other equipment exclusive to certain Yo-kai) are all Equipment that deals around Attributes. The Elemental Charms boosts that Yo-kai's elemental defense in exchange for a slight DEF drop, while the Elemental Rings boost Attribute damage in exchange for a added Attribute vulnerability corresponding to the ring equipped. Other equipment behaves similarly to the Elemental Rings or Charms, if tied solely to certain Attributes.

In other languages

  • Italian: Tecniche Elementali
  • French : Element

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