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Baffle Board

A Baffle Board with its Yo-kai Hot Spot in the overworld.

Baffle Boards (Japanese: ナゾのたてふだ Nazo no Tatefuda) are a mechanic introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2. Scattered throughout the game world are hidden boards that must be revealed using the Yo-kai Lens. They appear on the radar with the question mark icon, similar to how hidden Yo-kai in the overworld are uncovered.

Once a Baffle Board is revealed, the player is given a Yo-kai quiz, and must guess the name of a Yo-kai after being given three clues. After correctly inputting the Yo-kai's name, the Baffle Board will create a Yo-kai Hot Spot (Japanese: 妖怪サークル Yōkai Sākuru) and become permanently visible without having to re-scan it.

The player must then befriend the corresponding Yo-kai if they haven't already, and call them onto the hot spot. The player must currently possess the required medal to call the Yo-kai, so if they were previously added to the Medallium and then traded away or were crystalized, they can't be called. However, the medal is no longer required after calling the Yo-kai, so temporary trades with friends to unlock the Yo-kai Hot Spots are possible.

The summoned Yo-kai will then give the player access to a special feature or cause something else to happen to the surroundings.

List of Baffle Board

Yo-kai Watch 2

Location Clues Solution Effect
Uptown Springdale: Outside Everymart (Story Mode)
  1. Wears traditional clothing
  2. Heartful Tribe
  3. Makes Inspirited people hungry
Hungramps 30% discount at Everymart Uptown.
Uptown Springdale: Outside Jungle Hunter
  1. Has a flaming mane
  2. Likes meat
  3. A fiery tough guy
Blazion Allows certain bugs/fish to be traded in for 3x the amount of points.
Uptown Springdale: Outside Community Center (Story Mode)
  1. Three-paneled mirror
  2. Transports people through time
  3. Reveal!
Miradox Warp to Old Springdale.
Mount Wildwood: Abandoned Tunnel East
  1. Emissary from the future
  2. Resembles Jibanyan
  3. Says he'll "be back"
Robonyan Allows access to the waterfall area.
Mount Wildwood: Abandoned Tunnel West
  1. Dragon Yo-kai
  2. Indecisive
  3. His favorite phrase is "Hmmm..."
Draaagin Allows access to abandoned tunnel east after a few in-game days.
Mount Wildwood: Summit
  1. White tuxedo
  2. Heartful Tribe
  3. My darling sweet pea
Ray O'Light Changes the weather to sunny.
Mount Wildwood: Summit
  1. Drizzly drizzle...
  2. Dampy damp...
  3. Drizzly, drizzly drizzle...
Drizzelda Changes the weather to rainy.
Breezy Hills: East of Eddie's house
  1. Holds bells in his right hand
  2. A classic Yo-kai
  3. Happy happy!
High Gnomey Increases your daily Crank-a-kai attempts by one.
Blossom Heights: Outside the bath house
  1. Neat-freak shogun
  2. Loves his antibacterial spray
  3. Clean, clean!
Washogun Sproink's Quest Activator.
Shopper's Row: East of Everymart (In Night Time)
  1. First-rate food stall
  2. Dashi stock
  3. Well den
Master Oden Oden can now be purchased from Shopper's Row Everymart.
Downtown Springdale: East of the Springdale Business Tower
  1. Holds a small staff in one hand.
  2. Loves bread
  3. Conjures apparitions
Illoo Allows access to 4F and 13F of the Springdale Business Tower
Downtown Springdale: Around the Construction Site
  1. Proud of soft skin
  2. Puffs up when angry
  3. Face pops out of his body
Mochismo After a few days in real time, the Sports Club will be built and accessible.
Downtown Springdale: Sports Club 2F
  1. Yo-kai workout leader
  2. Peak physical condition
  3. Feel the burn!
Sgt. Burly Increases GP gain rate.
Excellent Tower: Bottom left of the entrance
  1. Eats memories
  2. Mysterious Tribe
  3. Shaped like a hat
Wazzat Allows Yo-kai's nicknames to be changed.
San Fantastico: Seaside Cave (Story Mode)
  1. Healthy, thanks to seaweed
  2. One of a trio
  3. Views Steppa as a rival
Wiglin Allows the water level to be changed.
San Fantastico: Seaside Cave (Story Mode)
  1. Healthy, groovy seaweed
  2. One of a trio
  3. Views Wiglin as a rival
Steppa Allows the water level to be changed.
San Fantastico: Seaside Cave

(Story Mode)

  1. Loved by Wiglin
  2. Loved by Steppa
  3. Not interested in either
Rhyth Allows the water level to be changed
San Fantastico: Parking lot outside station
  1. Likes taking detours
  2. Worries about scaly sharkskin
  3. Vegetarian
Chummer Little Haven Station can now be accessed *.
San Fantastico: Briny Grotto (Entrance from beach underneath abandoned house)
  1. Green clothes
  2. Heartful Tribe
  3. Hoards things in bags
Ol' Fortune Crank-a-kai Coin Fragments can now be exchanged.
Old Springdale: Outside the station
  1. Travels atop a cloud
  2. Wields a vacuum cleaner
  3. Sucks up memories
Vacuumory Allows Dame Demona to be rematched.
Yo-kai World: Lord's Gate
  1. Reflective
  2. Power of darkness
  3. Summons spirits from his mirror
Mircle Allows McKraken to be battled.
Old Springdale: The Burbs (Next to the school)
  1. Won
  2. ...der...
  3. ...nyan!
Wondernyan Once a day he will give you a random Crank-a-kai coin.
Cherry Hill station
  1. Traditional Japanese clothes
  2. Likes big flowers
  3. Cherry blossoms
Elder Bloom Makes cherry trees bloom.

Gate of Whimsy: Quiz Room Baffle Boards

Clues Solution
  1. Flying
  2. Long hair
  3. Love
  1. Not in the left row of trees
  2. Not in the middle tree
  3. Not the tree on the corner
  1. On the right
  2. No—left
  3. Wait—right

Yo-kai Watch 3

Location Clues Solution Effect
St. Peanutsburg Pizzeria

(Story Mode)

  1. In the Shady tribe.
  2. Always angry.
  3. Looks like bacon.
Karikari Bacon Allows you to buy Crispy Bacon Pizza.
Hazel Tyne House Bathroom - Hailey's Side (Story Mode)
  1. Always cold, regardless of the weather.
Pupsicle Turns the bath cold.
Hazel Tyne House Bathroom - Nate's Side (Story Mode)
  1. A fighter with a burning passion.
Gachin-kozo Turns the bath hot.
Coconut Residential area
  1. Beautiful form without any waste.
  2. Various functions have been added.
  3. A robot from the future.
Robonyan F Once a day he will give you a Chocobar.
Miracle Circus
  1. Wears a loincloth.
  2. Guards his head with a pot.
  3. In an emergency, he dashes to the front lines.
Pandle Will give access to a quest that will give you Unlucky-san.
Banter Bakery
  1. Looks like a big tree.
  2. Shady tribe
  3. Tweets with four arms every day.
Treet Will increase the amount of limited stock items.
East Cashew District
  1. Has sweet chocolate on his nose.
  2. Sells Chocobannanas
  3. Win a bonus if beaten in Rock-paper-scissors
Chocobanana Sells Chocobannanas, if beaten in Rock-paper-scissors he will give you a bonus Chocobannana.
St. Peautsburg Pier area
  1. Has a favorite umbrella
  2. Always damp.
  3. しとしとと...
Drizzelda Makes it rain.
St.Peanutsburg - Pier Area Ray O'Light Makes it sunny.
Scrap yard
  1. Heartful tribe
Ecolojii Able to trade trash gotten from the Dream Radar in exchange for items.
Sports Club
  1. Yo-kai workout leader
  2. Peak physical condition
  3. Feel the burn!
Sgt. Burly Increases GP received by 1.2.
Breezy Hill Everymart
  1. Unreasonably selfish
  2. Nuisance
Snobetty The Everymart she's nearby will sell Choice tuna, Marbled beef, and golden dolls for more.
Sunset Mall B1
  1. Heartful tribe.
  2. Seaweed's World's top-dancer.
  3. Is it an extract?
Kelpacabana Will exchange Dancing stars for Victory poses.
Business Tower
  1. Wears a sand suit.
Mister Sandmeh Will open a door needed in a quest.
  1. Wears a white suit.
Illoo Talk to him to travel to the Illusion version of Aobahara.
Gogogo God Tower top floor
  1. A yo-kai in charge of memory.
  2. Has a strange vacuum cleaner.
  3. Remembers anything
Vacuumory Talk to him to rematch Gogogo Godfather.
Tazono Station
  1. Mysterious tribe.
  2. Looks like a hat.
  3. He likes to eat people's memories.
Wazzat Allows you to change the names of your Yo-kai.
Yopple Headquarters - Yo-kai Watch Factory
  1. A common item used in men's work uniforms.
  2. Resembles a tie.
Kaeri Tie Enables you to work a part-time job in quality check.
The Catwalk
  1. Heartful tribe.
  2. Beloved mouse car.
  3. Wants to click on everything.
Pochit Be able to open the manhole nearby him.

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