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Barnaby Bernstein
Bear artwork
Japanese name 熊島 五郎太 / クマ
Age 11
Hometown Springdale
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Bearmie (Younger Sister)
English voice Paul Greenberg
Game debut Yo-kai Watch
Anime debut EP001
Movie debut Yo-kai Watch the Movie

Barnaby Bernstein (Japanese: 熊島 五郎太 Kumashima Gorōta), more commonly referred to his nickname of Bear (Japanese: クマ Kuma), is a character in Yo-kai Watch, and is one of Nate, Eddie, and Katie's friends.

He has Yo-kai form named Mukade-otoko, Thanks to the Black Yo-kai Watch

Physical traits

He wears very casual clothing which makes him seem a little like a biker. His hairstyle and the bandage on his cheek give him a very rough aura that actually contrasts with his gentler though slightly bumbling nature. There appear to be dark rings around his aggressive eyes that make him a little intimidating to behold.


He is a bit of a bumbler but despite his thuggish appearance, he is a rather gentle person. Bear is a bit of a glutton and is not shown to be athletic. However, in the anime, he, Nate, and Eddie share a love of soccer. He is unusually sensitive and can burst into tears.


In the Games

Yo-kai Watch, Yo-kai Watch 2, & Yo-kai Watch 3

Bear is featured as a supporting character in the games.

In the Anime

In the Movies

First Movie

In Yo-kai Watch the movie, at the beginning of the film Bear is seen with Nate, Katie, and Eddie who all are getting off from school.

During there walk on the way home they discuss the strange events about things have been getting bigger.

Second Movie

Bear appears in the Second movie as a Cameo with no dialogue.

Bear can be seen sleeping soundly in his room, when both Hailey & Usapyon bring his christmas present to him.

Third Movie

In third Yo-kai Watch movie, When Nate searches for Bear and Eddie he finds them at a crank-machine, where Bear has just received a rare Emperor Krills toy.

Eddie offers to buy it from him for 30,000 yen, unfortunately Bear explains that's not a funny joke, for this Emperor Krills figure is worth 50,000 yen. Eddie ask's Bear for a discount on them being friends, in which Bear does offering it for 40,000 yen, but it seems Eddie does not have enough money to afford it.

In the background Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan are watching the entire thing, confused at there behaviors and especially Bears appearance as he now resembles a 30 year old man.


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Nate, Eddie, and Katie

He is good friends with them.


Bearmie is Bears little sister who has come home America.


  • Bear's nickname, as well as his last name of Bernstein, references The Berenstain Bears, a franchise centered around a family of anthropogenic bears.
    • Both Barnaby and main club protagonists' fathers work as carpenters.
  • In episode 26 when Katie is inspirited by Espy, it is revealed he has a crush on Lulu.
  • In the third Yo-kai Watch movie Bear is played by Yu Sawabe for the live-action adaptation scenes.
  • Nate refrences that Bear looks like grown up in the third Yo-kai watch movie, this most likely because his actor Yu Sawabe was in his 30's when the film was made. This also makes him the only grown up in the film to potray an 11 year old kid.

In other languages

  • Spanish: Donoso "Oso" Camacho
  • French: Balaise
  • German: Bernhard Grabowski (Bär)
  • Italian: Sandro Cioni (Sandrone)
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Bernardo
  • Korean: 차기웅 Cha Giung
  • Chinese: 熊島 五郎太 (Traditional) or 熊岛 五郎太 (Simplified)
  • Thai: คุมะชิมะ โกะโรตะ
  • Arabic: جاد "Jad".