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Barnaby Bernstein
Bear artwork
Japanese name 熊島 五郎太 / クマ
Age 11
Hometown Springdale
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Bearmie (Younger Sister)
English voice Paul Greenberg
Game debut Yo-kai Watch
Anime debut EP001
Movie debut Yo-kai Watch the Movie

Barnaby Bernstein (Japanese: 熊島 五郎太 Kumashima Gorōta), more commonly referred to his nickname of Bear (Japanese: クマ Kuma), is a character in Yo-kai Watch, and is one of Nate, Eddie, and Katie's friends.

Physical traits

He wears very casual clothing which makes him seem a little like a biker. His hairstyle and the bandage on his cheek give him a very rough aura that actually contrasts with his gentler though slightly bumbling nature. There appear to be dark rings around his aggressive eyes that make him a little intimidating to behold.


He is a bit of a bumbler but despite his thuggish appearance, he is a rather gentle person. Bear is a bit of a glutton and is not shown to be athletic. However, in the anime, he, Nate, and Eddie share a love of soccer. He is unusually sensitive and can burst into tears.


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Nate, Eddie, and Katie

He is good friends with them.



  • Bear's nickname, as well as his last name of Bernstein, references The Berenstain Bears, a franchise centered around a family of anthropogenic bears.
    • Both Barnaby and main club protagonists' fathers work as carpenters.

In other languages

  • Spanish: Donoso "Oso" Camacho
  • French: Balaise
  • German: Bernhard Grabowski (Bär)
  • Italian: Sandro Cioni (Sandrone)
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Bernardo
  • Korean: 차기웅 Cha Giung
  • Chinese: 熊島 五郎太 (Traditional) or 熊岛 五郎太 (Simplified)
  • Thai: คุมะชิมะ โกะโรตะ
  • Arabic: جاد "Jad".

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