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Boss medal

The Boss Yo-kai Medal symbol.

Boss Yo-kai (Japanese: ボス妖怪 Bosu Yōkai) are powerful enemy Yo-kai which the player cannot befriend or recruit, and are typically stronger than most Yo-kai the player has met up to that point.

Most of the chapters in the Yo-kai Watch video games end with a battle with one of these bosses, and they are registered in the last few pages of the Yo-kai Medallium, just after the Legend Pages; however, they are not assigned any true Rank or Tribe, with the Boss symbol being in place of a Tribe's own.

Some of the Boss Yo-kai become befriendable in future games following their debut, giving them a Tribe and a Rank as well as a smaller, more compact form, which is not considered a Boss Yo-kai. Some befriendable bosses belong to either the Shady Tribe, Slippery Tribe, due to most bosses being sneaky with evil or bad intensions or the Tough Tribe due to their high defensive and offensive power. Also almost all bosses have a negative inspiritment.

List of Boss Yo-kai

Boss Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch

Boss Medal Image Name Attribute Weakness
Boss medal Mitsumata-no-Zuchi Boss YW1-062 Slimamander Fire
Boss medal Nobosetonman YW1-063 Sproink Fire
Boss medal Tsuraretaromaru YW2-045 SV Snaggerjag Water
Boss medal Oboro Nyudo YW2-044 Massiface Earth
Boss medal Boreimusha YW4-039 Phantasmurai Wind
Boss medal Onikumomon Tarantutor Lightning
Boss medal Yaburekabure-incho YW4-040 Dr. Maddiman Drain
Boss medal McKraken McKraken Drain
Boss medal None McKraken (Second Form) None
Boss medal None Duwheel Fire
Boss medal YW6-034 Chirpster Wind
Boss medal PYW-364 Eyedra Fire
Boss medal PYW-365 Hoggles Fire
Boss medal PYW-366 Styx Mk.VI Water
Boss medal PYW-367 Clipso Earth
Boss medal PYW-369 Spooklunk Wind
Boss medal PYW-368 Dr. Nogut Drain
Boss medal None Squisker None
Boss medal YW10-021 Wobblewok Earth
Boss medal YW13-010 Gargaros Fire
Boss medal YW13-011 Ogralus Water
Boss medal YW13-012 Orcanos Drain

Boss Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2

Boss Medal Image Name Attribute
Boss medal Gashadokuro YW5-025 Gutsy Bones Wind
Boss medal Dekanyan EYW-005 Meganyan Wind
Boss medal Daikougai-senchou YW7-036 Cap'n Crash Water
Boss medal None Eyeclone WInd
Boss medal None Kin Earth, Lightning
Boss medal None Gin Water, Ice
Boss medal YW9-041 Dame Dedtime Ice, Lightning
Boss medal None Dame Demona Unknown
Boss medal None Hans Full Unknown
Boss medal None Eyephoon Wind
Boss medal None Mallice Earth
Boss medal None Cap'n Rex Water
Boss medal None Flippa Unknown
Boss medal None Floppa Unknown
Boss medal YW11-016 Dame Dredful Unknown
Boss medal Ayatori-sama Kat Kraydel Unknown
Boss medal Gashadokuro G YW8-025 Goldy Bones Unknown
Boss medal YW11-015 Glitzy Bones Unknown
Boss medal None Hans Galore Unknown
Boss medal None Retinado Wind

Boss Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2: Shin'uchi

Boss Medal Image Name Attribute
Boss medal YW8-030 Rubeus J Fire
Boss medal YW8-029 Hardy Hound Earth
Boss medal YW11-017 Hi no Shin Unknown
Boss medal None Bronzlow Fire or Wind
Boss medal None Bunbuku Chagamaru Ice
Boss medal None Edamame-sama
Boss medal None Boso Mister Mattana Fire
Boss medal YW8-028 Kabukiroid Lightning

Boss Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch Busters

Boss Medal Image Name Attribute
Boss medal None Tattleterror Unknown
Boss medal YW9-039 Mass Mutterer Unknown
Boss medal YW9-040 Whismellowman Unknown
Boss medal YW8-031 Robonyan 28 Unknown
Boss medal YW13-014] Akamaneki Unknown
Boss medal YW13-013] Shirokoma Unknown

Boss Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch Busters: Moon Rabbit Team

Boss Medal Image Name Attribute
Boss medal None Captain Thunder Unknown
Boss medal Captain Thunder 2 Captain Thunder (Serious Form) Unknown
Boss medal None Robonyan 3000 Unknown
Boss medal None Inumaroderon Unknown
Boss medal None Nekokiyoperon Unknown
Boss medal None Nurarihyon Drain
Boss medal EYW-013 Dai-Yoma Nura-Neira Unknown
Boss medal None Akamaneki Gold Unknown
Boss medal None Shirokoma Gold Unknown
Boss medal YW13-015 Hi no Shin Awoken Unknown
Boss medal Bushi-Oh Shogun King Unknown
Boss medal None Pink Emperor Unknown

Boss Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Sangokushi

Boss Medal Image Name Attribute
Boss medal None Noruka Fire
Boss medal None Soruka Ice
Boss medal None Norukasoruka Unknown
Boss medal None Mao Koi Unknown
Boss medal None Mao Shibu Unknown

Boss Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3

Boss Medal Image Name Attribute
Boss medal None Galactalian Unknown
Boss medal Super Tencho YD2-051 Super Tencho Unknown
Boss medal None Moso Monmon Unknown
Boss medal None Injaneno Unknown
Boss medal None Ma Injaneno Unknown
Boss medal None Yamerunja-sensei Unknown
Boss medal None Gamegosu Water
Boss medal None Yoppu-kun Fire or Lighting
Boss medal None Warubo V5 Fire
Boss medal None Betty-san Ice
Boss medal None Kaminarasu Goro Lightning
Boss medal None Gogogo Godfather Unknown
Boss medal None Kuso Yumemigachino Unknown
Boss medal None Kaito Darumanto Unknown
Boss medal None Darubeemabee Fire
Boss medal None Tsudzura Chun Daruma Wind
Boss medal None I Jigen Tochan Wind
Boss medal None Geboru Fushi-cho Unknown
Boss medal None Bishagatsuku Earth
Boss medal None Tsunodaruma Unknown
Boss medal None Suwa Daruma Shisho Unknown
Boss medal None Oni King Unknown

Boss Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki

Boss Medal Image Name Attribute
Boss medal None Yatsuzaki Unknown
Boss medal None Dogushakkou Unknown
Boss medal None Chronomen Unknown
Boss medal None Gogogo Treasure Dragon Unknown
Boss medal None Daiyoki Hogewhale Unknown
Boss medal None Kujiraman Unknown
Boss medal None Zangeki Unknown


With the release of Yo-kai Watch Busters and the release of the DX Yo-kai Watch U Prototype, the Yo-kai bosses featured in the game were given B-medals. Like the other B-medals, their medals are black-framed, and their artwork features the Bosses in action.

However, there are some differences. Their medals don't play the traditional summoning music of any Yo-kai Tribes when inserted into the DX Yo-kai Watch U, but merely an ominous electric guitar. In addition, Boss Yo-kai Medals do not have any tribe-affiliated insignias on them; rather, they have a slash going through them.

Boss Yo-kai that have B medals


  • In Yo-kai Watch 3, the bosses are no longer given numbers that continue from the befriendable/normal Yo-kai Medallium number. Instead, the Boss Yo-kai numbering restarts the numbering system, and adds a B for Boss in prefix form to the number.
  • Despite befriendable bosses like Slimamander or SV Snaggerjag gaining friendlier-looking forms, their medals still showcase their boss forms, indicating that all Boss Yo-kai have regular Yo-kai Medals that are simply unseen and never granted to the player.
  • So far, there are no Boss Yo-kai of the Heartful Tribe.

In other languages

  • Italian: Mostri Yo-Kai

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