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大後悔船長, Daikōkai Senchō
Daikougai-senchou YW7-036
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Yo-kai Watch 2
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#9523 (Boss)
Wibble Wobble
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Cap'n Crash (Japanese: 大後悔船長 Daikōkai Senchō) is a Boss Yo-kai. He is fought in Chapter 6 of Yo-kai Watch 2.


Cap'n Crash has a stocky build and has blue skin. He also sports a mustache, a goatee, has blue puffy lips and an eyepatch in his left eye. He wears black hakama fastened by a red obi, a sleeveless blue captain coat with golden linings and a bicorn typically worn by pirate captains, giving him a pirate captain appearance. He is seen carrying an anchor, or at times his steering wheel.


Yo-kai Watch Anime

Cap'n Crash appears in EP057, in which causes Nate to make decisions and causing him to regret them. He is also accompanied by two unnamed crew members. Even though Nate summons Papa Windbag to counter his powers in the moment Eddie gives him a tribal mask instead of an Emperor Krill figure by choosing randomly, Nate falls victim to Cap'n Crash's power. Finally, Nate thwarts Cap'n Crash when Katie encourages him about his mask as it was the inspiration for Emperor Krill's mask that only the most serious fans have. His wheel is then locked into place by Nate's excitement; he and his crew all fall over attempting to make it move.

In EP112, Mr. Crabbycat taught Hardy Hound, Gargaros, Rubeus J, and Cap'n Crash went to Disrupting Class Academy but all they did is damage the school with their size.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Cap'n Crash appears as a Boss in Chapter 6, in which he ambushes the player when he/she tries to de-petrify Mermaidyn in the seashore cave.

In Psychic Specters, he appears in a sidequest involving Mermadonna.



Abilities and Powers

Using his steering wheel, Cap'n Crash can cause people to make a decision and then regret it. His wheel can be locked into place, however, if his victims feel proud of their decision.

In the games, he uses his wheel to rotate the player's Yo-kai against his/her will. He is able to set a water trap to damage the Yo-kai in that position. He also has moves depending on his weapon. For example, when his anchor is out, he can swing it 4 times at all of your Yo-Kai. Or, when his steering wheel is out, he can inspirit your Yo-Kai and even drop a colossal iron ball onto one ally.


  • While in the games where he appears alone, in his anime debut he appears with a small pirate crew Yo-kai of his own.
  • His name is a pun on the name of the cereal mascot, Cap'n Crunch.


Name Origin

In French," Barbefrousse" comes from "Barbe Rousse" (Frederick Barbarossa) and "frousse" (willies).

In other languages

  • Italian: Ankorat
  • Korean: 다이코카이 선장 Daikokai Seonjang
  • Spanish: Capitán Penas
  • Spanish (Latino America): Capitán Crash
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Capitão Crash
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Capitão Estorvo
  • German: Käpt'n Kenter
  • French : Barbefrousse

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