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おならず者, Onarazumono
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Attribute Rank
Ice icon Rank C icon
Time Type
Anytime Present
Yo-kai Watch
Side-games number
Cheeksqueek is not numbered.
Skill Effect
Gassy Sphere Stink Up
Favorite foods
Yo-kai Watch
Yo-kai Watch 2
Yo-kai Watch 3
Base Stats
Total: 2960

Cheeksqueek (Japanese : おならず者 Onarazumono) is a Rank C Ice-attribute Yo-kai of the Eerie tribe.


Cheeksqueek has a pink, peach-shaped head with rosy cheek marks and a single swirl of hair on top. His eyes are squinted and he has two tiny nostrils. He wears a light brown bib with the he (へ) character on it, and a pair of baggy green pants with darker vertical stripes. His limbs are proportionally thick to the rest of his body.

Cheeksqueek is a mischievous Yo-kai whose uncouth pranks and habits garner him the dislike of others.

Cheeksqueek can make people gassy by spraying an orange mist from his mouth. He can even propel himself by means of his own flatulences.



Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Headbutt (Japanese : ヘッドバッド


55-121 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Frost (Japanese : 氷結の術

Hyōketsu no Jutsu)

50-110 Ice Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Stink Up (Japanese : くさすぎるおなら

Kusasugiru Onara)

Single enemy
Confuses a foe with a stench so strong that it can't think straight.
Soultimate Move Stinky Smog (Japanese : ぷーすかスモッグ

Puusuka Smog)

All enemies
Emits an evil fart that significantly lowers the SPD of its enemies.
Skill Gassy Sphere (Japanese : おならフィールド

Onara Field)

Decreases accuracy of enemies.

How to Befriend

Yo-kai Watch

Cheeksqueek appears in the Shopping Street Narrows (Shopper's Row).


  • Befriended: "Let's be--*toot* ... Oh, sorry about that."
  • Loafing: "zzz..."
  • Receiving food (favourite): "Pbbbt! Good!"
  • Receiving food (neutral): "Pfft... average."
  • Receiving food (disliked): "Pbbbt! Nasty!"


Cheeksqueek Medal Art

Medal Art

Cheeksqueek first appears in EP012, in which he uses his power on Katie, much to her embarrassment. Upon being confronted by Nate, Cheeksqueek switches target to him, making him fart multiple times despite his earnest attempts to dissimulate it. Chasing him to the school's roof, Nate first summons Jibanyan, but Cheeksqueek is quick to inflict him with the same misery. He then summons Robonyan, who first tries silencing the sound, then changes the smell to roses, sending it Cheeksqueek's way. He finally stuffs a roasted sweet potato in his mouth (a food known to give gas when eaten in excess) to cause him the same embarrassment he's been inflicting on others. Having been put to shame, Cheeksqueek gives Nate his Yo-kai Medal.

He also appears in EP091 to perform on the song battle but when Whisper proposes to form a group with Cheeksqueek, he refuses with a spray of his gas.


Onarazumono" is a combination of onara (おなら, "fart") and narazumono (ならず者, "scamp, ruffian"). "Cheeksqueek" is a portmanteau of the words cheek, and a corruption of the word squeak.

"Cuesco" is a corruption of the phrase Que asco ("That's gross")


Cheeksqueek could be based on the Okkeruipe, a youkai of Ainu origins that plays rude pranks on humans by emitting powerful flatulences. The only way to make this creature go away is to answer in kind, or to imitate the sound with a hand over one's mouth. Its true appearance is that of a small black fox.


In other languages

  • Japanese: おならず者 Onarazumono
  • Spanish: Cuesco
  • French:
  • German: Pupsi
  • Italian:
  • Portuguese: Flatundo
  • Korean: 뽕쟁이 Ppongjaengi
  • Chinese:
  • Thai:
  • Arabic:

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