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Japanese name Chiyo Suzuki
Age 11
Hometown Springdale
Game debut Yo-kai Watch

Chelsea (Japanese: 千代鈴木 Chiyo Suzuki) is a student in class 502 and a classmate to Nathan and Katie.

Physical traits

Chelsea has short brown-red hair and unique looking eyes with extra-large irises. She wears orange overall shorts with a yellow shirt and black, knee-length pants underneath, and has green shoes.




In the anime

Chelsea makes a small appearance in EP011, being invited to Katie's barbecue party.

Yo-kai Watch

Chelsea can be seen hanging by the art exhibit in the museum, and asks the player if they're interested in museums as well.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Chelsea can be found in the lobby of the Excellent Tower, where she admits the tower is her favorite thing and thus hangs out there all the time.

In other languages

  • Italian Mila

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