Commander Yo-kai (Japanese: 武将妖怪 Bushō Yōkai) are Yo-kai themed after the major players of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms epic. They appear in Yo-kai Sangokushi.

In Yo-kai Watch 3, by connecting this game with Yo-kai Sangokushi, some Commander Yo-kai can be befriended. In Sushi and Tempura, Jibanyan Ryubi, Komasan Son Saku, and USApyon Chutatsu can be found in the Old Mansion. In Sukiyaki, Whisper Komei, Fuyunyan Soso, and Kuro-Oni Ryo Fu can be befriended as well.[1]

List of Commander Yo-Kai

Original Yo-kai

Based on other Yo-kai

Boss Yo-kai



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