In the Yo-kai Watch Busters games, costumes (Japanese: スーツ Sūtsu) are items that can be used to alter the appearance of a Yo-kai, changing their specific species of Yo-kai and their stats. Costumes can be removed at any time to revert a Yo-kai to its original form.

Costumes become available after unlocking the basement floor in the Busters House. After the player obtains their first costume, the vending machine in the wall of B1F can be moved to reveal a secret costume changing room.

List of costumes

Costume Transformation How to obtain
B Jibasuit JibanyanB Jibanyan Obtained after clearing game (Red Cat Team/Moon Rabbit Team only)
B Komasuit KomasanB Komasan Obtained after clearing game (White Dog Corps/Moon Rabbit Team only)
B-USA Suit USApyonB-USApyon Obtained after clearing BUSTERS WAR (Moon Rabbit Team only)
American Football Style USApyon → USApyon (American Football Style) Password: ろ9DれH7Vぞ
Marine Style USApyon → USApyon (Marine Style) Password: ぽ4PわE6Sぐ
Military Style USApyon → USApyon (Military Style) Password: ば8JまQ6Aぷ
Driving Style USApyon → USApyon (Driving Style) Password: ち8AくL2Uみ