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イケメン犬, Ikemenken
Ikemenken YW2-037
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Attribute Rank
Restoration icon Rank S icon
Time Type
Daytime Legendary
Yo-kai Watch
Yo-kai Watch 3
Side-games number
Dandoodle is not numbered.
Skill Effect
Popular Healing Air
Favorite foods
Chinese Food
Yo-kai Watch
Chinese Food
Yo-kai Watch 3
Side-game favorite food
Dandoodle has no favorite food.
Base Stats
Total: 3380

Dandoodle (Japanese: イケメン犬 Ikemenken) is a Restoration-attribute Legendary Yo-kai of the Eerie tribe.


Dandoodle bears a striking resemblance to Manjimutt in that he too is a human-faced toy poodle. He has white, poofy fur with a pink tail and head whisp. His face and paws are tan-colored with brown eyes, and his face itself is considerably handsome.

Dandoodle is a tad vain and relishes in the fact that he's handsome. He enjoys flirting with women and manages to win their hearts despite his canine-attributes. In truth, he's come to lament his ability to turn everything around him handsome and sees it as a bit of a curse. Regardless, he seemed to find happiness upon death, feeling a sense of freedom with being a dog. Similarly to Manjimutt, he has a tendency to urinate in public like a dog.

Like Manjimutt, Dandoodle has a catchphrase in the original Japanese, with Dandoodle often saying the English phrase "Wonderful" (Japanese: ワンダホー Wandahō). The joke is that Wan (Japanese: ワン Wan) is the Japanese onomatopoeia for "barking". In the English dub, he says "Fabulous".

Abilities and Powers

His first ability relates to his charm. It works only on women and makes him "irresistible". He uses this to his advantage (For example, when he was arrested and put in jail. His charm made the policewoman patrolling the cells free him.)

His inspirit influences people around him with his "handsome aura", making them "handsome" as well. This effect isn't always a positive one, however, such as when Nathan receives it but instead caused his peers to find him strange. This ability can also work on non-sentient things and give them sentience.


Ikemenken YW2-037
Stats Calculation
This shows Dandoodle's stat on level: 99.

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Tackle 60 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Paradise 80 Restoration Single ally
No description.
Inspirit Healing Air Single ally
Steadily recovers an ally's HP with the power of a dandy!
Soultimate Move Handsome Grin Restoration All allies
Fully recovers HP of his allies with a truly handsome smile.
Skill Popular
Makes more foes befriend you.

How to befriend

Befriend the following Yo-kai to unlock Dandoodle's Medallium page.

Yo-kai Watch

Jinmenken YW1-048
Hekokijin YW1-054
Bakearare YW4-033
Manjimutt Cuttincheez Drizzle Everfore
Insomni Skreek Compunzer Nagatha

Yo-kai Watch 2

Manojishi YW4-004
Kyuntaro YW4-017
Multimutt Lie-in Heart Badude Shmoopie
Babaan YW2-009
Hareotoko YW8-018
Tattlecast Casanuva Skreek Ray O'Light

Yo-kai Watch 3

Hareotoko YW8-018
Casanuva Ray O'Light Carniboy Soname
Shutendoji YD2-010
Yami Kyuubi YW3-006
Kamaitachi Karasu Tengu Shutendoji Kyubi

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Hareotoko YW8-018
Badude Multimutt Ray O'Light
Kyuntaro YW4-017
Shmoopie Skreek Casanuva

Yo-kai Watch Busters

Hiraishin YW8-008
Sakigakenosuke YW1-003
Aniki YW2-012
Frazzel Tanbo Bruff Supoor Hero
Hareotoko YW8-018
Carniboy Casanuva Rudy Ray O'Light


  • Befriended: "Wonderful! I'll be your leading man! Let's make all your dreams come true!"
  • Loafing: "Beauty break!"
  • Being traded: "Good, good. What now? Feeling woozy at the sight of my beauty?"
  • Receiving food (favorite): "Wonderful!"
  • Receiving food (normal): "How quaint."
  • Receiving food (disliked): "No. No, thank you."


Nate summons Dandoodle in EP020 after he collected the prerequisite Medals needed to unlock him. Dandoodle proves himself as the superior counterpart to Manjimutt and demonstrates his ability to make people and Yo-Kai around him handsome. Unfortunately, his Inspiriting effects on Nate fail to endear him to his classmates, leaving Dandoodle to drown his sorrows similar to Manjimutt and tell Nate his history.

In a similar fashion to Manjimutt, he was a businessman fired from his job. Instead of being fired due to job cuts, his reason for termination was because his female co-workers were too distracted by his attractiveness. He got drunk afterward and on the way home a bunch of planks fell on him. There happened to be a toy poodle near the planks and was crushed along with him too. When he became conscious again, he had become Dandoodle. Dandoodle adds that he can't always control his powers, and can even give inanimate objects disturbingly handsome appearances.

Dandoodle appears in EP032 alongside Kyubi, after Nate expresses a desire to be a model so he can be popular with girls. After arguing with Kyubi about what makes a person popular, he and Kyubi have a competition in teaching Nate how to gain popularity.

Nate thought about summoning Dandoole in EP052 to help with Drizzelda and Ray O'Light, though Whisper tells him not to, as he can find out about love through his Yo-kai Pad. Later, Nate's "face" ran away and swap places with Dandoodle. Nate decided to lure Dandoodle with some food, so he can catch his "face". Dandoodle gets upset with Nate when he discovered that the girls aren't liking him, and demanded his own "face" back, though Nate decided to keep the yo-kai's face. He gets depressed about this with a unknown face as Whsiper has Nate's, though later appearances show his original face back.

Dandoodle was first summoned in EP148 to deal with Hottocake.

Dandoodle is summoned in Yo-kai watch movie during the final battle,along with the others Yo-kai, against Dame Dedtime. He uses his charm on Dame Dedtime's servants Kin and Gin, distracting them and allowing Shogunyan to cut them down.


Name Origin

  • "Dandoodle" is portmanteau of dandy and poodle.
  • "Ikemenken" is a combination of ikemen (イケ面, "handsome man, looker") and jinmenken.
  • "Dandackel" is a portmanteau of Dandy and Dackel (dachshund).
  • "Dandiniche" is a portmanteau of Dandy and Caniche (poodle)
  • "Cabotin" is a portmanteau of Cabot (cur) and Cabotin (ham).

See also

In other languages

  • Portuguese (Brazil): Dogalante
  • Spanish: Dandiniche
  • French: Cabotin
  • German: Dandackel
  • Italian: Barbonbel

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