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砂ン丘入道, Sankyū-nyūdō
Sankyu-nyudo PYW-116
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Attribute Rank
Earth icon Rank D icon
Time Type
Anytime Present
Danke Sand is not numbered.
Side-games number
Skill Effect
Sandbag Sanks So Much.
Favorite foods
Oden Stew
Yo-kai Watch 2
Oden Stew
Yo-kai Watch 3
Side-game favorite food
Danke Sand has no favorite food.
Base Stats
Total: 2900

Danke Sand (Japanese: 砂ン丘入道 Sankyū-nyūdō) is an Earth-attribute Rank D Local Yo-kai of the Eerie tribe.

Danke Sand evolves into No Sandkyu when fused with Dune Sand.


Danke Sand resembles a giant sand dune with a cloud hanging behind his head and beady eyes with yellow sclera. Danke Sand also has tiny blush spots around the corners of his wide mouth.


He is extremely polite, never forgetting to say thanks under any circumstance. Unlike his evolution, he isn't very picky and will eat almost anything that crosses his path if he's hungry. In the manga, it's shown that sometimes his stomach can overtake his heart, and any person/yo-kai that he strikes up a conversation with can suddenly become his next meal at the drop of a hat. His trading quote suggests that he is aware of his tendencies, and will try to prevent himself from eating those he is close to (in this case, the player character).



In Vol. 11 of the Yo-kai Watch manga, Danke Sand accidentally traps Jibanyan in his mouth while he was taking a jog on the beach. Danke Sand soon tries to eat Jibanyan, but knowing Danke Sand was weak to water due to his encounter with Sandmeh allowed him to defeat Danke Sand by spitting out a large amount of seawater onto him. This causes Danke Sand to crumble, and Jibanyan ends up at the bottom of the remains with a mouth and stomach full of sand.

Abilities and Powers

Danke Sand has the ability to manipulate the ground around him (specifically sand) which he can use to make barriers to trap potential meals.

His inspirit makes people extremely grateful for everything, making them hard to get mad at.


Sankyu-nyudo PYW-116
Stats Calculation
This shows Danke Sand's stat on level: 99.

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Power Punch (Japanese: ぶんなぐる Bunnaguru) 50 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Pebble (Japanese: こいしの術 Ko-ishi no Jutsu) 20 Earth Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Sanks So Much (Japanese: 感謝であふれさせる Kansha de afure saseru) Single ally
The Inspirited Yo-kai is so grateful to everyone that it is not targeted.
Soultimate Move Thand You (Japanese: 砂サンキュー Suna Sankyū) 120 Earth All enemies
Attacks all enemies with energy from under the earth.
Skill Sandbag (Japanese: 砂丘 Sakyū)
Takes less damage from Earth attacks.


Earth Attribute
Sankyu-nyudo PYW-116
Bukimi medal
Danke Sand
No Attribute
Dune Sand
Dune Sand
Earth Attribute
Nosankyu-nyudo PYW-125
Bukimi medal
No Sandkyu


In Vol. 11 of the Yo-kai Watch manga, Danke Sand accidentally traps Jibanyan in his vortex-like mouth while he was taking a jog on the beach. After biting down on Jibanyan (causing him immense pain) and spitting him out, Danke Sand apologizes and explains that the reason he set up the trap was to capture insects and shellfish, not yo-kai. He further explains that he also eats other things (snakes, frogs, seabirds, etc.) and has no likes or dislikes, so he will eat pretty much anything. Just talking about food makes Danke Sand's stomach rumble...and makes him think that Jibanyan might be a good snack!

Jibanyan attacks with Paws of Fury, but Danke Sand's sandy body absorbs the hits. Jibanyan then remembers his encounter with Sandmeh, and how water made him weak and quick to crumble. Danke Sand knows this, and blocks off the ocean by creating a large sand dune. Jibanyan tries to dig through it, but gets sand in his mouth & begins to spit all over Danke Sand's body. Realizing that he could use his own bodily fluids to his advantage, he decides to urinate with great force. This launches him over Danke Sand and into the sea, where he gulps down a ton of seawater. With Jibanyan looking nice and plump now, Danke Sand is ready to chow down. Suddenly, Jibanyan spits out all of the water and uses his Paws of Fury one last time, making Danke Sand crumble to bits and drop Jibanyan. Just as he begins to celebrate, however, Danke Sand's crumbled body lands on top of him, forcing a large amount of sand into his mouth and stomach, causing Jibanyan to become bloated when he is summoned in the next chapter.

How to befriend

Yo-kai Watch 2


  1. Obtain either a Danke Sand or No Sandkyu Yo-kai Watch: Tomodachi Ukiukipedia card.
  2. Scan the QR Code on said cards in Piggleston Bank to obtain a Local Coin - Chugoku.
  3. Use the coin in the Crank-a-kai to free Danke Sand.

(United States)

  1. Obtain password for Traveler's Coin - Mountain.
  2. Use the coin in the Crank-a-kai to free Danke Sand.


Name Origin

  • Sankyū-nyūdō is a wordplay. While the kanji read as "sand dune monk", the pronunciation of this Yo-kai's name can also make it to be read as "thank-you monk" (Japanese: サンキュー入道 Sankyū Nyūdō).
  • Danke Sand is a wordplay on one of the German phrases for "thank you very much", specifically "Danke sehr", as "sehr" sounds somewhat close to the English word "sand".
  • "Avallée" is a portmanteau with "avaler" (swallow) and "vallée" (valley)

In other languages

  • Italian: Gratidun
  • Spanish: Aranecido
  • French : Avallée
  • German: Dankedün

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