Putasockinit (Japanese: ダソックス Dasokkusu) is a Rank E Lightning-attribute Merican Yo-kai of the Slippery tribe.

Putasockinit evolves into Snidewinder by fusing with Babblong.


Putasockinit is a snake-like Yokai with teal and yellow stripes. It bears passing resemblance to a hand sock puppet. It has two tiny legs with white and orange tube socks.

Makes anyone it possesses add useless and random tidbits to any conversation.


Yo-kai Watch 3

Putasockinit appears in the Scrapyard as well as in an alleyway in St. Peanutsburg.

Game Data



Lightning Attribute
Nyororon medal
Water Attribute
Nagabana YW2-039
Nyororon medal
Lightning Attribute
Nyororon medal





Dasocks appears to be based on the Chinese idiom of 画蛇添足 (literally meaning "to add feet to a snake"). In the proverbial story, a group of scholars go out to drink but only have a small amount of wine among them. They then agree to have a snake-drawing contest to see who gets to drink it. One of the scholars does so and boasts about his speed in drawing, and adds feet to his snake picture thinking he has time to do so. However, another scholar finishes his drawing and lays claim to the wine, on the grounds that snakes do not have feet, so the first scholar has not drawn a snake at all. The runner-up is given the wine to the agreement of his peers. The idiom is thus synonymous with ruining one's efforts by adding or doing unnecessary things.

Name Origin

  • "Dasocks" is a wordplay on dasoku (Japanese: 蛇足 "superfluity, unnecessary addition", literally "feet on a snake") and the English socks.
  • Putasockinit is a corruption of the phrase "Put a sock in it" which normally means "shut up".

In other languages

  • Italian: Esageraserpe
  • German: Strumpfbacke