Artist Sergeant Burly (Motsu) and either King Cream Soda or Dream5 (Japanese);
Sergeant Burly (Brent Pendergrass), Melissa Hutchison, and Alicyn Packard (English)
Episodes Japanese 2nd ending: EP025 - EP045 odds, EP052 - EP062 evens;
English 2nd ending: EP036 - present
Previous Yo-kai Exercise No. 1
Next Yo-kai Medley
Idol Wa Ooh-Nya-Nya No Ken

Don-Don-Dooby-Zoo-Bah! is the 2nd ending song for the Yo-kai Watch anime.



Yo-kai Watch 2




Burly: Flap your arms like a soaring eagle.
C'mon! up down, up down!
Work those deltoids! That’s it!
One, two, three, PO! Ha ha!
I said like an eagle, not a chicken!
Feel the burn! (yay!)
Bring those knees up!
C'mon, you chunky chicken nuggets.
You can do better than that!
Knees up! Knees up!
Sound off! One, two, three, PO!
Ha ha, a slug can do better than that!
Ha ha ha!

Magical secrets for powerful muscles.
It makes you feel good even if you're in trouble.

Let's go see him.
So we can learn what he knows.
He’s got the moves from head to toe.
He’s our super duper hero.

I’m too scared, to speak to that boy in my class.
If he doesn’t like me, I’ll be broken like glass.
That’s why I’m training to be sure and strong.
So please train me Burly, all day long! Yeah


Burly: It's squat time! Hips down, knees bent!
Let's go! one, two three, PO!
Hey, you! Squat lower! I said, "lower"!
Aaw, poor baby! Is your bum sore?
Did mommy give you too many spankings?
Get ready for some core work!
On the floor!
Suck in your belly buttons!
Squeeze your abs!
Sit-up, Sit-up!
No one said this would be easy!
Sound off! One, two, three, PO!
Oh, what's the matter?
You need to change your dirty diaper?

I'm always so lazy. I just lounge on the floor.
Instead of standing up,
I'd rather lay here some more.

I need to work harder. To say yes versus no.
His voice inspires me to get up and go.
He's our super duper hero.

Every single time i try to get started
I quit after three days and feel broken-hearted.
I am so weak but i just want to be strong.
So be tough on me hero, all day long! Yeah!


Burly: One, two punch- sideways kick!
One, two punch- sideways kick!
One, two, three, PO!
You gotta dig deep to find your inner strength!
Work those hips!
You can kick higher than that! Kick like you mean it!
Finally, the cool down.
Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Ha ha!
Beautiful, just like Beyoncé.
Great work, everybody. (yay!)
Burly's Beat Camp for life! (Woo!)

The harder the training, the better I feel.
I want a rock-hard body like the man of steel.

Let's push it to the limit. To make our muscles grow.
Shoot for the stars and we'll reach our goals
With our super duper hero.

I'm at a crossroads in front of my future.
I can't be a slug if I want to be super.
I'm gonna battle my weakness away.
I want to be a hero starting TODAY!




Game Ending

Anime Ending


Game Ending

Anime Ending


  • This is also the 2nd season 1 ending.
  • In the game, King Cream Soda performs it. In the anime, videos, and during live performances, Dream5 performs it. This is likely because Level-5 did not have the rights to use Dream5's work in the games.
  • In the English dub, Brent Pendergrass voices Sergeant Burly while the female vocals for this song are provided by Alicyn Packard and Melissa Hutchison.
  • This ending wasn't aired on the TVB Cantonese Dub (along with Idol Wa Ooh-Nya-Nya No Ken and Yo-Kai Exercise Number Two) in favor to Yo-kai Exercise Number One.

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