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やぶれかぶれ院長, Yaburekabure Inchō
Yaburekabure-incho YW4-040
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Dr. Maddiman (Japanese: やぶれかぶれ院長 Yaburekabure Inchō) is a Drain-attribute Boss Yo-kai.



Dr. Maddiman is a round humanoid Yo-kai with faded, dark pink skin that has patches of light blue on it. He has no nose, a grey tongue, five square teeth, and five messy strands of dark grey hair.

His heart is exposed and appears to be loosely stuck to his chest. It is partially blue, just like his skin, and is connected to an IV drip that is sometimes depicted as having another heart inside of it. He wears a white labcoat with a high collar, white slippers with red crosses on them, black pants, and an over-sized head mirror that seems to double as an eye which is yellow in color.

In his left hand he has three scalpels which he uses as weapons.

Dr. Maddiman has the ability to take a Yo-kai's heart away, causing them to become strange and attack allies. He may also take control of a Yo-kai's nerves and make them move where he wants them to while taking their heart away. Using those hearts, he is able to restore his own HP. He can also empty out a Yo-kai's Soul Meter, preventing them from using their Soultimate.

Roughly 50 years before the start of the series, Dr. Maddiman was a human doctor, and the director of Nocturne Hospital. After his son was born, he decided that to protect his family, he would take over the world. In order to achieve this goal, he planned to create "the ultimate Yo-kai", which he would call Amatera.

During his research, he conducted many dangerous experiments on animals and humans alike, with presumably many among the latter having been his own patients. Over time, he became so wrapped up in his research that he ended up going home less and less, instead staying at his laboratory most of the time to continue his work. Because of that, his relationship with his family slowly grew cold. The few times that he did go home, he often had trouble with his wife and son, the latter once extorting 30 dollars from him.

By the time he realized he was neglecting his family too much and tried to make it up to them, his wife had already decided to leave him.

With his wife and son having moved to the USA, far away from him, he was left with nothing but his research and thus simply continued on with it. Eventually, he finally managed to create Amatera, but felt that there was no longer any purpose to it. Some time afterwards, he died.

After his death, he became a Yo-kai, but not all of his memories of his human life remained. He resumed his work on Amatera, continuing to experiment on animals, humans, and Yo-kai. At some point after becoming a Yo-kai, he started working for Chairman McKraken, aiding him in his goal to conquer both the Yo-kai World and the human world.


Yo-kai Watch

Dr. Maddiman appears as the Boss Yo-kai of Chapter 10.

After the player learns from Draggie that there is a bad Yo-kai at Nocturne Hospital, they decide to investigate. Once there, they're put through several health checks until they finally meet the hospital director, who appears to be a friendly human. However, after seperating the player from Whisper, the director reveals himself to be Dr. Maddiman, who then attempts to cut out the player's heart, and a boss battle ensues.

Upon being defeated, Dr. Maddiman calls out to his master, Chairman McKraken, giving the player the first hint of who is behind all the bad things that happened during the events of the game.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Dr. Maddiman appears as an optional Boss Yo-kai.

During the request "The Haunted Hospital", the player stumbles upon Dr. Maddiman's secret undergound laboratory and interrupts him during the completion of his creation Amatera, which he promptly renames to Hans Full, as it doesn't look much like an Amatera. Out of curiosity, Whisper releases the unstable artificial Yo-kai, despite Dr. Maddiman's protests. Afraid of what might happen, Dr. Maddiman retreats.

Later he can be found in the hospital's surgery room, lamenting the defeat of Hans Full. If the player chooses to talk to him, the request "The Price of the World" can be started. It's at this point that Dr. Maddiman tries to recall why he began his research in the first place, but fails to do so. Feeling pity for him, the player decides to help him by collecting the scattered pages of his old diary. Upon reading these pages, Dr. Maddiman remembers his life as a human, and the reason for why he started doing his research, and thanks the player. However, he still attacks them, out of a desire to take revenge for Hans Full.

Despite this, after being defeated again, he is actually very happy. Since he now remembers his life, he is determined to start his research all over again, only this time he says he will succeed and take over the world for sure. He then tells the player that he wishes to meet them again one day and disappears.

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Yo-kai Watch 3

Dr. Maddiman returns as a Boss Yo-kai of Hailey's side of Chapter 5.

His request to the InaUSA detective agency is one of the key quests required to further the story of the chapter. He asks them to help him with an experiment of his, which turns out to be him desperately needing a can of Dr. Rapper to help him calm down before experimenting. After receiving a can of the aforementioned beverage from Hailey and Usapyon, he will ask the two to help him with something else, too. It happens that the three Experimental Animal Yo-kai he was going to experiment on have all have escaped from his laboratory, and he needs them to find them for him.

Once they brings the Experimental Animal Yo-kai to him, he reveals that he plans to combine them into a "Remodeled Yo-kai", causing Hailey and Usapyon to distrust him. Usapyon, having been an experimental animal himself, gets especially angry at Dr. Maddiman, and their argument results in a boss battle.

Afterwards Usapyon tells Dr. Maddiman about his past, and that Dr. Hyuuri would have never made him do something he wouldn't want to. Dr. Maddiman brought is to tears by this, and apologizes to the Experimental Animal Yo-kai for what he was about to do. He decides to release them into the sea, and asks Hailey and Usapyon to take him there.

Later in the chapter, his Experimental Animal Yo-kai are combined into Gamegosu, causing him to panic and call Inaho and Usapyon for help again. Luckily, Gamegosu splits back up into the three turtle Yo-kai upon being defeated. After some convincing, Inaho allows Dr. Maddiman to take the turtles back home again, if he promises to never consider combining them again.

In Chapter 8, Hailey has to get Steve Jaws' Hammerheadhand that he borrowed from him. At first Hailey suspects he might be doing something sinister with it, but to her relief it turns out he was only using it to smash rocks for the turtle's water tank. He happily hands over the item, and aks them to give Steve Jaws his regards. It's also shown that he has since named the three turtles Jicchan, Do-chan, and Yo-chan, and seems quite proud of these names.

As of version 3.0 of the game, there are two more requests that feature Dr. Maddiman.

Game Data

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Scalpel Zapper (Japanese: メスでザッパー Mesu de Zappā) - Single Column
Technique Soul Absorb (Japanese: 妖力吸収 Yōryoku Kyūshū) - Single enemy
Empties the opponent's Soul Meter
Technique Blood Refill (Japanese: 血液補給 Ketsueki Hokyū) - Self
Heals himself through the use of hearts surrounding him. Amount of HP depends on number of hearts.
Inspirit Change of Heart (Japanese: ココロチェンジ Kokoro Chenji) - Single enemy
Takes opponent's heart, making them become strange and attack their allies.
Inspirit Toying with Nerves (Japanese: シンケーもてあそび Shinkē Moteasobi) - Single enemy
Takes opponent's heart, making them become strange and attack their allies. Furthermore, it forces the opponent move to a different tile.
Soultimate Move Get Well DOOM! (Japanese: おだい死にー! Odaishinii!) - 3 fields
Hits three fields with dangerous chemicals that inspirit on contact, causing HP to gradually decrease


"Yaburekabure-inchō" is derived from "yaburekabure" (Japanese: やぶれかぶれ "in utter desperation" or "recklessly") with "inchō" (Japanese: 院長 hospital director) added as an honorific.

"Dr. Maddiman" is derived from "madman", with the title "Doctor" added.


  • Dr. Maddiman is the only Boss Yo-kai that debuted in Yo-kai Watch who returned as a story boss in a later main game.

In other languages

Language Name
UK flag
Dr. Maddiman
JP flag
やぶれかぶれ院長 Yaburekabure Inchō
KR flag
야부레카부레 원장 Yabulekabule Wonjang
China Flag
FR flag
Dr Jobard
SA flag
Dr. Majarov
IT flag
Dottor Frank
Germany Flag
Dr. Kling
NL flag
  • Portuguese: Dr. Loucão

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