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The Drain Attribute (Japanese: 吸収属性 Kyūshū-zokusei) is one of the 8 Yo-kai attributes.

Most Yo-kai of this attribute are of the Eerie and Shady tribes. Drain-attribute Yo-kai drain their opponent's health in order to restore their own. As such, Drain-attribute techniques ignore elemental defenses.

List of Drain-attribute Yo-kai

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank S icon Yomigensui Corptain Vegetables
Rank A icon Muramasa Snee Seafood
Rank D icon Waraenee YW2-008 Lafalotta Hamburgers
Rank C icon Aokuchibiru Blips Hamburgers
Rank B icon Yotsume YW7-007 Infour Vegetables
Rank C icon Ungaikyou YW3-004 Mirapo Chinese Food
Rank A icon Yamikagami Mircle Chinese Food
Rank D icon Baku YW3-010 Baku Juice
Rank C icon Haku YW3-011 Whapir Juice
Rank A icon Pookivil Pookivil Hamburgers
Rank B icon Kuiijii YW1-038 Hungorge Rice Balls
Rank D icon ZEKKOUchou YW1-035 Enefly Juice
Rank D icon Ekohiiki YW2-029 Mynimo Candy
Rank E icon Negativoon YW1-042 Negatibuzz Juice
Rank C icon Janegavoon YW1-045 Moskevil Juice
Rank A icon Neighfarious Neighfarious Vegetables
Rank E icon Yokodori YW7-031 Peckpocket Hamburgers
Rank D icon Harao-dori YW7-032 Rockabelly Hamburgers
Rank C icon Otsubone-sama Nagatha Bread
Rank A icon None Compunzer Snacks
Rank A icon None Lamedian Snacks
Rank B icon YW13-006 Grumples Milk
Rank S icon YW13-008 Everfore Milk
Rank S icon YW13-009 Eterna Milk
Rank S icon Sandi Sandi Candy
Rank C icon Utaunagi YW1-057 Croonger Meat
Rank C icon None Daiz Candy
Rank B icon None Confuze Candy

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank S icon Inochitori Devourer Sweet Things
Rank D icon Hanahojin YW8-005 Snottle Snacks
Rank A icon YW9-006 Miradox Chinese Food
Rank S icon Kuro-oni YW8-014 Orcanos * Meat
Rank B icon Obaku-sama YW4-018 Bakulia Juice
Rank B icon Wandernyan YW7-021 Wondernyan Chocobars
Rank D icon Karipackun YW6-028 Yoink Sushi
Rank A icon None Gimme Sushi
Rank C icon None Yoodooit Sushi
Rank C icon Jikochu YW6-029 Tyrat Milk
Rank B icon Gabunyan YW5-017 Dracunyan Chocobars
Rank S icon YW8-019 Darkyubi Oden Stew
Rank S icon Unchikuma YW6-031 Poofessor Curry
Rank B icon YW13-007 Robbinyu Hamburgers
Rank C icon Hanako-san YW5-020 Toiletta Snacks
Rank A icon Noroinohanako YW5-021 Foiletta Snacks
Rank S icon Yamaton YW7-035 Slurpent Meat
Rank S icon YW9-032 Unfairy Snacks

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch Busters

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank C icon YW10-005 Mozuku-sensei Soba Noodles
Rank C icon YW10-014 Shimeppoina Sweet Things
Rank C icon Whisper 3D Whisper * Ice Cream
Rank C icon YW9-021 Whispocrates * Ice Cream

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank A icon None Soname Oden Stew
Rank C icon None Sutton-kyo Donuts
Rank B icon None Kamikakushi Hamburgers
Rank B icon None Bakeruton Milk
Rank S icon None Black Oni Ryo Fu Meat
Rank S icon None Pandora Sukiyaki
Rank E icon None Chikurima Juice
Rank D icon None Geekun Pizza
Rank A icon None Hacking Pizza
Rank C icon None Inchicken Pizza
Rank C icon None Aitttimes Ice Cream
Rank C icon None Gojidatsujii Hamburgers
Rank S icon Zero-hakaseUkiukipedia Dr. E. Raser Tempura
Rank S icon YD3-033 Dr. Kagemura Tempura
Rank C icon None Ittan-Sorry Ice Cream
Rank C icon None Yodomu Sukiyaki
Rank B icon None Manmamiira Soba Noodles
Rank A icon Dark Koma Dark Komar Ice Cream
Rank S icon None Yagyou Sukiyaki
Rank S icon EYD-006 Nurarihyon * Chinese Food
Rank S icon None Jurojin Ramen
Rank S icon None Nyastet Seafood
Rank S icon None Trivea Milk
Rank E icon None Yabuletter Hamburgers
Rank E icon None Ashidematoi Ice Cream
Rank E icon None Taikomochi Rice Balls
Rank A icon None Gomathree Rice Balls
Rank D icon None Kibandoll Ice Cream
Rank C icon None Tenparunba Seafood
Rank B icon None Unlucky-san Pizza
Rank B icon None Yocchaa Pasta
Rank S icon None Origin Pizza
Rank S icon None Phantom Pizza
Rank S icon None Batan Q Oden Stew
Rank C icon None Sakinobashi Juice
Rank C icon None Otakaramodoki Hot Dogs
Rank S icon None Jankukoshino Snacks
Rank S icon None Zurabis Bread
Rank A icon None Whisbaba Ice Cream
Rank A icon None Whisper Komei Ice Cream

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  • Italian: Vortice

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