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だいだらぼっち, Daidarabotchi
Goketsu medal
Dromp's Image Category
Attribute Rank
Rank A icon
Common Rare
None None
Skill Special Effect


Earth Healing
Favorite Food
Former Current
None Vegetables
Total: 2700
Stat rank D
Stat rank E
Stat rank C
Stat rank E
Stat rank C

Dromp (Japanese: だいだらぼっち Daidarabotchi) is an Earth-attribute Yo-kai of the Tough tribe. Introduced as Rank S, he was demoted to Rank A with Yo-kai Watch 2.

The Yo-kai Medallium bio reads; "Fairy tales tell of the monstrous Dromp building mountains and digging ponds."


Dromp is one of the largest Yo-Kai seen in the series, being a giant Yo-kai made of brown dirt which has three wavy lighter colored stripes. with fairly short arms ending in four-fingered hands of the same color of the stripes. He has comparatively tiny brown-colored eyes. On top of his head grows a bunch of light-colored grass with some flowers.


He really likes mazes and keeps his promises. He appears intimidating due to his enormous size, but he is actually very gentle.


Abilities and Powers

Dromp has the ability to terraform landscapes into personal labyrinths, into which he teleports or traps victims. He then invites them to find their way out, largely for his amusement. To make things even more difficult, he can even obfuscate navigation systems and distort aerial views to make finding your way out close to impossible. Affected victims have been known to wander Dromp's mazes for an eternity.

Anyone Inspirited by Dromp is said to stubbornly refuse to ask for directions, even when hopelessly lost.

Outside of his abilities, Dromp appears to have some size-shifting ability where he can appear at either gigantic size or towering over a basic human.


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Steamroll 60 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Pebble 20 Earth Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Earth Healing Single ally
Gradually restores an ally's HP using the power of earth.
Soultimate Move Total Collapse 300 All allies and enemies
Explosion that will deal damage to enemies and allies alike.
Skill Insulator (Other)

Endurance (3)

Lessen damage from lightning attacks. (Other)

Will keep 1 HP after a knockout blow once. (3)

How to Befriend

Yo-kai Watch

Dromp can be befriended by completing the post-game quest "Flower For The Shrine", given by one of the receptionists at Gourd Pond Museum. First collect a Forever Flower from white Pinkipoos in the Yo-kai World, then go the far right end of the section of the Abandoned Tunnel behind the rank A Watch Lock. Fight the Signiton (if you haven't already), then keep going until you're back outside and reach the shrine behind the waterfall to the left. Place the flower on the shrine, and Dromp will appear to fight you, after which he'll automatically befriend you.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Dromp is automatically befriended through the quest Treasure Hunters Pt. 3.


  • Loafing: "Gwoooooooooooaaarrrr..."



Dromp first appeared in EP053 where he turns most of Springdale into a maze while Nate is rushing home to catch the season finale to Professor Vacant. Upon being exposed, Dromp dares Nate and Whisper to find the exit to his maze despite Nate's request to place them outside of the maze where they started. Dromp's maze ability throws Yo-kai Pad's Map feature off its track. Nate attempts to enlist Buhu to help by getting a bird's-eye view, only for Dromp to confuse Buhu by fogging up the area and causes her to leave. With the assistance of Whisper, Nate tries relying on memory, smelling his mother's cooking and divining to find his way out but fail every time. Eventually, Jibanyan arrives with Leadoni following a Yo-kai party, and Leadoni helps Nate and Whisper find the exit to the maze. Satisfied, Dromp gives Nate his Medal and teleports Nate outside of his maze, albeit at the start of the maze as Nate "requested," causing Nate to become just as lost as before and miss his show.

In EP112, Mr. Crabbycat can see Meganyan, Gutsy Bones and Dromp as transfer students that can easily dwarf the entire school, Disrupting Class Academy.

In EP119, Dromp puts Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan into another one of his mazes as part of the Yo-kai World's Yo-1 Grand Prix. Nate was able to summon Leadoni for help.


In Episode 3 of the second movie of Yo-kai Watch, an evil giant version of himself was summoned by Lord Enma to suck up Komasaburo and eventually started to destroy the tower, in which Komasan and Komajiro was in. After Komasan pulled out a shining object (which is the baby), he turns back to his normal self without any memory of what happened.


  • Despite Dromp being featured in the first opening of the anime series, he does not make an appearance in an actual episode until EP053.


Dromp is based on the Daidarabotchi (which is his Japanese name), a legendary youkai of gigantic proportions, who resembled a vast mountain range when he lied down to sleep. Daidarabotchi was so enormous, his footprints would become lakes and ponds when it rained. One time, he lifted Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tsukuba in his hands to see which was heavier, but accidentally dropped the latter when he was done, causing its peak to split.

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In other languages

  • Japanese: だいだらぼっち Daidarabotchi
  • Korean: 얼룩덜룩 Eollukdeolluk
  • Spanish: Pom
  • French: Misterre
  • Italian: Terrio
  • German: Schtompf

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