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あおべえあかべえ, Aobee Akabee
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Attribute Rank
Fire icon
Time Type
Yo-kai Watch
Yo-kai Watch 2
Side-games number
Duwheel is not numbered.
Skill Effect
Favorite food
Duwheel has no favorite food.
Side-game favorite food
Duwheel has no favorite food.
Base Stats
Total: 0
Stats of Duwheel is unknown.

Duwheel (Japanese: あおべえあかべえ Aobee Akabee) is a Boss Yo-kai in Yo-kai Watch.


On his cheery side, Dunwheel is a floating head with blue skin and dark blue facial hair, he has red facemarkings and purple eyes. Two large horns sprout from his chin and two smaller ones from his temples. He's surrounded by a giant golden wheel with 5 fire wisps.

When upside down, his skin and fire wisps turn red, and his facemarkings orange, the two smaller horns become fangs.


Leadoni, Payn, and Signiton

These three Yo-kai seem to be some sort of underlings and he is such a great boss to them they decided to fight the player to keep his balding secret.


Duwheel is an optional Boss Yo-kai in the Abandoned Tunnel, who can be reached after clearing the Rank A Watch Lock and repairing the mine cart. He switches between a Water and a Fire form and can hit all front row Yo-kai really hard with elemental attacks that also Inspirit them. His weak point is one of the five wisps in his wheel, which he spins at regular intervals to shuffle them. However, one of the wisps has a tiny crack in it, and the "weakness" wisp will always be in the same relative position to it through the whole battle. A Yo-kai team of level 40 or more is recommended to take him on.



Duwheel is based on the Wanyudo (Japanese: 輪入道 Wanyūdō, "wheel monk"), a hellish youkai that appears as a monk's face set in a flaming ox-cart wheel. Born from the souls of sinners, they travel through mountains and villages looking for criminals and corrupt priests, to drag them down to Hell so they can be judged for their deeds. It's unwise to try to spy on them out of curiosity, as they're cruel and sadistic and will punish the onlooker for their insolence. The best protection against them is placing a sign on the door that reads "Here is the Mother's birthplace".

Name origin

  • Duwheel comes from the words dual and wheel.
  • Duoleta comes from the words dual and ruleta ("roulette").

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese あおべえあかべえ Aobee Akabee
Flag of Spain Spanish Duoleta
Flag of Germany German Janusrad
Flag of Italy Italian Bifron