Yo-kai Watch
Manjimutt: Part 5
Yo-kai Blazion
Yo-kai Negatibuzz
The Sleepover
Japanese broadcast February 19, 2014
North American broadcast October 13, 2015
Japanese opening Gera Gera Po Song
English opening Gera Gera Po Song
Japanese ending Yo-kai Exercise No. 1
English ending Yo-kai Exercise No. 1

Manjimutt: Part 5 (Japanese: じんめん犬 Part5 Jinmenken Pāto Faibu), Yo-kai Blazion (Japanese: 妖怪 メラメライオン Yōkai Merameraion), Yo-kai Negatibuzz (Japanese: 妖怪 ネガティブーン Yōkai Negatibūn), and The Sleepover (Japanese: 禁断のお泊り会 Kindan no Otomarikai) is the 6th episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series.


Manjimutt tries an apprenticeship at a bakery, but cannot overcome his canine urges. Nate and his friends get possessed by the Yo-kai Blazion during a park cleanup, making them unusually fired up about the task. Nate gets a sore tooth and is sent to a dentist who is currently depressed due to the actions of Negatibuzz. Bear and Eddie sleep over at Nate's house, and the three secretly watch a late night TV show, but their plans are later disrupted by the electricity-eating Yo-Kai Signibble.


Manjimutt: Part 5

Yo-kai Blazion

Yo-kai Negatibuzz

The Sleepover







Modern-Day Yo-Kai Dictionary


Dub differences

  • In the first segment of the original version and the Asian English dub, Jinmenken used the name "Yamada Toshio" (family name first, in both versions and as shown here) when applying for a job as a "patisserie" (and it's possible that name he used was the name of his past form as a human). However, in the English dub, Manjimutt never mentioned his name when applying for a job as a "pastry chef".
    • However, part of the bumper can be heard after Blazion's segment even though it was cut from the English dub.
  • The bikinis that were worn by Next HarMEOWny were edited to look like one-piece bathing suits in the English dub.
    • Also, the Next HarMEOWny program is completely cut out in the United Kingdom and other European Countries.
  • The show that kept interrupting the Next HarMEOWny program in the original version was a workout program with guys in suggestive clothing. In the English dub, it was completely changed to a cooking show.

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