Yo-kai Watch

Komasan In the City: Here's Komajiro! (Japanese: コマさん ~再会編~ Komasan ~Saikaihen~, Komasan: -Reunion Edition-), Yo-kai Cadin (Japanese: 妖怪 セミまる Yōkai Semimaru), and Robonyan Activate! (Japanese: ロボニャン始動! Robonyan Shidō!) is the 9th episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series.


Komasan's younger brother Komajiro comes to the city. After a failed treasure hunt, Nate meets the Yo-kai Cadin, who thinks he'll die within a week's time because he was above the Earth. One late night, Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan meet Robonyan, Jibanyan's robot self from the future.






  • The comic/manga Cadin was reading is based off EP001.
  • Tandy was an America-based electronics cooperation, known for building computers. The company later became part of RadioShack.
  • This is the first episode Whisper blasts off. This references Team Rocket from the Pokemon anime, which probably influenced this gag.
  • This is also the 2nd time Nate smacks Whisper with a paper fan.
  • With the later revelation that, in thirty years, the Yo-kai would alter to have Lightside and Shadowside forms, Robonyan recounting how Jibanyan turned into him is slightly inaccurate.

Dub Differences

  • In the original, Cadin buried himself in the ground, because he wanted to reincarnate back as a real cicada. The dub changes it that he'll probably die in another week, and figures that staying underground would extended his time.
  • Nate remarks that the Yo-kai Pad might not have information about fashion, but was changed that Whisper doesn't even know how to use the device.
  • Whisper stating that Yo-kai can be turned into robots was added, as well as Nate's remark on who would built Robo-Whisper.
  • Robonyan in the original change Japanese dialects. The dubs change that he can speak other languages and accents.
    • The line when Robonyan says "Watashi wa Robonyan" was kept in the the English dub.
  • Robonyan states that Whisper supposedly dies in the future, while the dub changes it that he "mysteriously disappears".
  • When Jibanyan was showing that he can "transform", Nate remarks saying he's just making a grimace. In the dub, Nate remarks that Jibanyan is just embarrassing himself.
  • Whisper was surprised that Robonyan can stop a truck with a finger in the original version. The dub changes it to just him shocked on why there are so many trucks out.
  • Since Springdale is located in America for the English dub, both the map at Nate's room and geography were changed in the Recap Time. It would later be done for almost all future episodes.