Yo-kai Watch
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Japanese broadcast March 6, 2015
North American broadcast February 4, 2017
Japanese opening Hatsukoitoge De Geragerapo
English opening Yo-kai Watch feat. Swampy Marsh
Japanese ending Idol Wa Ooh-Nya-Nya No Ken
English ending Don-Don-Dooby-Zoo-Ba!

Kaptain Komasan and the Mess at Loch Ness (Japanese: 金妖スペシャル!コマさん探検隊!古代恐竜の生き残りか!?ネス湖の伝説が今夜、そのベールを脱ぐ!徹底捜索!『ネッシー』は実在した! Kin'yō Supesharu! Komasan Tankentai! Kodai Kyōryū no Ikinokori ka!? Nesu-Ko no Densetsu ga Kon'ya, Sono Bēru o Nugu! Tettei Sōsaku! "Nesshī" wa Jitsuzai-shita!)Yo-kai Master Oden (Japanese: 妖怪おでんじん Yōkai Odenjin), and Yo-kai Suspicioni (Japanese: 妖怪ぎしんあん鬼 Yōkai Gishinanki) is the 59th episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series.


The Yo-kai Master Oden keeps Nate from having an oden stew dinner until he hears a truly stinging story. Nate notices how Eddie is suspecting everyone around him, and finds out the Yo-kai Suspicioni is to blame.


Kaptain Komasan and the Mess at Loch Ness

Yo-kai Master Oden

Yo-kai Suspicioni







  • Deven Striker the that was mentioned by Sarah could have been the actor that was seen at the beginning of the episode the one Komajiro points out wearing a wig.
    • Deven Striker/actor with the blonde wig also resembled Micheal Morningstar from Ben 10 alien force/ultimate alien/omniverse.

Dub Differences

  • Oden stew was changed to regular stew.

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