Yo-kai Watch
A New Watch!
Inaho and Usapyon's Little-by-Little Rocket Designing 1: The Engine
Japanese broadcast July 17, 2015
Japanese opening Jinsei Dramatic
Japanese ending Uchu Dance!

A New Watch! (Japanese: 新しいウォッチ! Atarashii Wotchi!) and Inaho and Usapyon's Little-by-Little Rocket Designing 1: The Engine (Japanese: イナホとUSAピョンのロケットチビチビクミタテール① ~エンジン編~ Inaho to Usapyon no Roketto Chibichibi Kumitatēru 1 ~Enjin-hen~) is the 78th episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series.


Nate receives the new Yo-kai Watch U prototype, but the Yo-kai Cornfused makes him unimpressed with the new features. Meanwhile, Hailey and Usapyon start on a weekly-magazine rocket project to help the latter's old master rediscover his dreams.


A New Watch!

Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan find out that Steve Jaws, the CEO of Yopple quit his job due to people realizing he did not make the Yo-kai Watches but Nathaniel, Nate's grandfather did. Therefore, he was replaced by Mark Shachiberg, who introduced the new Yo-kai Watch, the Yo-kai Watch U. Just when Whisper was about to go to the Yo-kai World to stand in line after learning it can evolve, their found out that there is no official release date for the new watch, which is still in it's Prototype phase, and such, is not readily available to the general public.

In the middle of Whisper's jealous sulking, Hidabat peeked its wing out of its closet, showing the Yo-kai Watch U Prototype. Whisper, surprised asked how Hidabat got the watch. Said bat then showed a picture of Hidabat and Mark Shachiberg in front of Nate's closet, as well as revealing a friendship between the two. Hidabat gave Nate the watch in return of letting her live in his closet, though she also added the Yo-kai Watch U Prototype was much too big for her and it would ruffle her wings. Whisper asked for Nate's opinion on the watch, Nate said it was alright. Whisper was angry at him, getting him to punch Nate into the air over his apparent dismissiveness until Jibanyan thought of using the Yo-kai Watch U to find a Yo-kai, leading them to find out that Nate was just inspirited by Cornfused. Whisper scolded and shouted at Cornfused, demanding them to stop inspiriting Nate, and much to his and Jibanyan's surprise, Cornfused complied without fuss and left. With Jibanyan commenting on how easy it was to defeat him, Whisper asked Nate for his real opinion on the watch, Nate said it was actually cool, and gained Cornfused's Medal out of it. With that done, Nate then stores the original Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Watch Model Zero into his closet.

Hailey and Usapyon's Little-by-Little Rocket Designing 1: The Engine

Hailey and Usapyon begin building a rocket ship. Usapyon was sent a package of a spaceship's engine. They need to find Blazion's medal in order to power the engine, since it isn't included in the packaging. So, they look around the city for Blazion. Unfortunately, neither Usapyon or Hailey can understand what Blazion is saying, so they start saying "meramera" a lot. What Blazion wants is for Usapyon and Inaho to be extremely fired up! Now, Usapyon gets very fired up, convincing Blazion to fire up their engine. Now, they befriend Blazion, enter his medal in, and complete 20% of the spaceship!





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