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Country Folk'll Try Anything, Once! Spa Massage (Japanese: コマさんといく ~はじめてのマッサージ~ Komasan to Iku ~Hajimete no Massāji~), The Beach Story: Oh, It's Roughraff (Japanese: 夏だ、海だ、妖怪だ! グレるりん編 Komasan to iku ~ hajimete no tōgei kyōshitsu ~), and The Beach Story Part 2: Yo-kai Swosh (Japanese: 夏だ、海だ、妖怪だ! うみぼうず編 Natsu da, Umi da, Yōkai da! Umibōzu-hen) is the 79th episode of the anime series. It was broadcasted in Japan on July 24, 2015, and the first two segments will be shown in the United States on July 16, 2018. The third of these segments, despite being given an English title, was skipped over in the dub.


After Komasan finds out that his mother likes being massaged at a spa, He decides to visit one. While Katie changes into her swimming costume, Yo-kai Roughraff make Nate, Bear and Eddie overthink of her swimsuit. Later on, the trio gets inspirited by Swosh and the waves wash their trunks away.


Country Folk'll Try Anything, Once! Spa Massage

The Beach Story: Oh, It's Roughraff

Nate and his friends visit the beach, with Yo-kai Roughraff and Swosh there. Roughraff make Nate, Bear, and Eddie daydream of what Katie's swimsuit will look like,

The Beach Story: Yo-kai Swosh

Swosh makes Eddie very cool about things, even a bird pooping on him. Nate has Swosh inspirit him and Bear, and they act cool too. However, their swimsuits soon fall down, and Swosh makes them not care. Whisper tells Nate he can't be in the ocean naked, so he finds a plastic bag and wears it instead of swim trunks. Bear and Eddie soon do the same and use Seaweed and a Shell. Bear switches to a crab, and Nate switches to an Octopus. Bear and Eddie soon use an Octopus. Swosh leaves and gives Nate his medal, then Nate, Bear, and Eddie are shocked about what happened.





  • This is the 1st absence of Hailey and Usapyon ever since their introduction.
  • The third segment of this episode aired in France on Feburary 5, 2018.
  • The second and third segments of this episode are said to be one of the most suggestive in the entire series, which lead to some cuts when this episode was considered to be aired overseas.
    • The entire episode was skipped in South Korea.
    • The scene of the swimming trunks falling down were cut in the Asian-English dub.
    • When the full episode aired in France on Boing, most of the latter half of the episode was cut. However, it was left uncensored when it aired on Gulli.
    • Swosh's segment ended up being skipped in the United States and was replaced with "Cadin Goes to a Live Concert".
  • The name of the beach is Yoke Eye State Beach, which is pronounced like "Yo-Kai State Beach."

Dub Differences

  • The dialogue in the second segment was changed to Nate, Bear and Eddie not wanting to look average at the beach instead of them overthinking on what Katie's swimsuit would look like.


  • The Everymart sign at the massage place wasn't changed to it's English equivalent.

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