Yo-kai Watch
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Japanese broadcast July 24, 2015
Japanese opening Jinsei Dramatic
Japanese ending Uchu Dance!
Let's Go with Komasan: First Massage (Japanese: コマさんといく ~はじめてのマッサージ~ Komasan to Iku ~Hajimete no Massāji~)It's Summer! At the Beach! With a Yo-kai! Gurerurin (Japanese: 夏だ、海だ、妖怪だ! グレるりん編 Natsu da, Umi da, Yōkai da! Gurerurin-hen), and It's Summer! At the Beach! With a Yo-kai! Swosh (Japanese: 夏だ、海だ、妖怪だ! うみぼうず編 Natsu da, Umi da, Yōkai da! Umibōzu-hen) is the 79th episode of the anime series.



Nate and his friends visit the beach, with Yo-kai Roughraff and Swosh there. Roughraff make Nate, Bear, and Eddie daydream of what Katie's swimsuit will look like, and Swosh makes Eddie very cool about things, even a bird pooping on him. Nate has Swosh inspirit him and Bear, and they act cool too. However, their swimsuits soon fall down, and Swosh makes them not care. Whisper tells Nate he can't be in the ocean naked, so he finds a plastic bag and wears it instead of swim trunks. Bear and Eddie soon do the same and use Seaweed and a Shell. Bear switches to a crab, and Nate switches to an Octopus. Bear and Eddie soon use an Octopus. Swosh leaves and gives Nate his medal, then Nate, Bear, and Eddie are shocked about what happened.





  • This is the 1st absence of Hailey.
  • This is also the 1st absence of Usapyon.
  • This episode has been skipped in South Korea, due to how suggestive Swosh's episode is.
  • The scenes of Nathan and the other's swimwear falling down have been cut in the Asian English dub.

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