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The Earth Attribute (Japanese : 土属性 ) is one of the 8 Yo-kai attributes.

A large number of Yo-kai of this attribute are of the Tough tribe. Earth Yo-kai are strong over Lightning Yo-kai but are weak against Wind Yo-kai.

List of Earth-attribute Yo-kai

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank B icon Sakigakenosuke YW1-003 Tanbo Rice Balls
Rank D icon Chikaramochi YW2-002 Mochismo Rice Balls
Rank B icon Guraguraion YW2-005 Quaken Meat
Rank B icon Kuwano Bushi YW8-001 Beetler Vegetables
Rank C icon Mosenosho Q'wit Hamburgers
Rank B icon YW9-005 Espy Vegetables
Rank E icon Darudaruma YW7-010 Dulluma Curry
Rank B icon Darumacho Darumacho Curry
Rank E icon Murikabe YW2-011 Noway Ramen
Rank A icon Muridajo Impass Ramen
Rank A icon Shirokabe Walldin Ramen
Rank E icon Gurerurin YW1-016 Roughraff Ramen
Rank B icon Gokudo Badude Ramen
Rank A icon Aniki YW2-012 Bruff Ramen
Rank C icon Dokaku Castelius III Milk
Rank B icon Musha Kabuto YW4-013 Rhinoggin Vegetables
Rank S icon Kabutomuso Rhinormous Vegetables
Rank S icon Otsunonokami Hornaplenty Vegetables
Rank A icon Dromp Dromp Vegetables
Rank D icon Tsumamiguinosuke YW3-017 Grubsnitch Ramen
Rank E icon None Ake Candy
Rank C icon None Payn Candy
Rank B icon None Agon Candy
Rank A icon Sanzunoinu Sir Berus Curry
Rank D icon Donyoriinu YW1-049 Dismarelda Bread
Rank E icon Tsuchinoko YD1-042 Noko Hamburgers
Rank A icon Fukuryu YW1-061 Bloominoko Hamburgers
Rank D icon Ryu-kun YW1-056 Draggie Chinese Food
Rank S icon Ryujin YW2-043 Dragon Lord Chinese Food

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank C icon None Mudmunch Oden Stew
Rank S icon Onigui YW7-003 Demuncher Meat
Rank E icon Bakezori YW8-004 Pittapatt Snacks
Rank A icon Ayamarioshi Bowminos Curry
Rank E icon Mayoiguruma No-Go Kart Rice Balls
Rank B icon Dassensha YW7-012 Mistank Rice Balls
Rank E icon Dokidoki YW4-010 Terrorpotta Snacks
Rank D icon Assousan PYW-111 Whateverest Meat
Rank B icon Kiwinyan YW6-017 Kiwinyan Chocobars
Rank E icon Sunao YW5-015 Sandmeh Oden Stew
Rank A icon Karakasamajin Scarasol Sushi
Rank A icon 1todo Eyesoar Meat
Rank S icon Dondoro YW5-018 Wobblewok * Soba Noodles
Rank E icon Keukegen Furgus Rice Balls
Rank A icon Fusafusan YW5-022 Furdinand Rice Balls
Rank D icon Sankyu-nyudo PYW-116 Danke Sand Oden Stew
Rank B icon Nosankyu-nyudo PYW-125 No Sandkyu Oden Stew
Rank S icon Tsuchigumo YW8-023 Arachnus Soba Noodles
Rank S icon Jorougumo YW8-022 Arachnia Soba Noodles
Rank B icon None Robonoko Hamburgers
Rank S icon YW9-028 Untidy Meat
Rank B icon None Madmunch Oden Stew
Rank D icon None Feargus Rice Balls

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch Busters

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank B icon YW9-010 Inunyan Chocobars
Rank A icon Kintaronyan Kintaronyan Meat
Rank A icon YW10-006 Urashimanyan Seafood
Rank B icon USApyon 3 USApyon (Military Style) Donuts

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank E icon None Achar Vegetables
Rank E icon None Makura-gaeshi Rice Balls
Rank D icon Marunugget YD2-007 Marunugget Ice Cream
Rank C icon None Hitoriyogari Curry
Rank B icon None Dokidokidoki Snacks
Rank B icon None Brooklin Hot Dogs
Rank E icon None Amanjiru Candy
Rank A icon None Gyujiru Candy
Rank E icon PonkotsuUkiukipedia Ponkotsu Milk
Rank A icon Rebone Rebone Milk
Rank D icon None Maunten Curry
Rank C icon None Okurairi Oden Stew
Rank S icon Daikokuten YD2-019 Daikokuten Oden Stew
Rank B icon None Wall Guy Sushi
Rank B icon None Garandu Sukiyaki
Rank S icon None Go-king Dead Soba Noodles
Rank E icon None Kotenpan Milk
Rank A icon None Obaguette Milk
Rank A icon None Treasure Jibanyan Chocobars
Rank A icon None Treasure Komasan Ice Cream
Rank E icon None Mo-saku Rice Balls
Rank D icon None Docchitsukazu Vegetables
Rank E icon None Yarusenasu Pasta
Rank E icon None Tsubuyaki Pizza
Rank B icon None Tsureet Pizza
Rank D icon None Taraimawashi Tempura
Rank A icon None Otoroshi Tempura
Rank D icon YD2-046 Dinoshi Hot Dogs
Rank S icon YD3-042 D-Rex Hot Dogs
Rank S icon Dodzilla Dodzilla Hot Dogs

In other languages

  • Italian: Terra

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