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Edward Archer
Eddie artwork
Japanese name 今田 干治 / カンチ
Age 11
Hometown Springdale
Relatives Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
English voice Brent Pendergrass
Meyer DeLeeuw (EP001 and EP011 only)
Game debut Yo-kai Watch
Anime debut EP001
Movie debut The Secret of the Birth, Nyan!

Edward Archer (Japanese: 今田 干治 Imada Kanchi, "Kanchi Imada"), often referred to as Eddie (Japanese: カンチ Kanchi), is a character in Yo-kai Watch, and is one of Nate, Bear, and Katie's friends.

Physical traits

Eddie can be seen wearing a short or long, green jacket with two orange patches on the sides of the sleeves. He wears a white collard shirt with a blue undershirt and rolled up capris. His shoes are plain blue with a white rim. On his head are orange headphones with the same coloring as the patches on his sleeves. His physical appearance includes "sleepy" eyes, high placed eyebrows and not-kept brown hair. He seems to be shorter compared to other main characters such as Nate and Bear.


Eddie comes from a seemingly wealthy family and lives in a big house. However, his parents are usually busy with work leaving him alone on birthdays.

He has a relaxed, though not quite reserved nature. He is very friendly to Nate and other characters but according to Katie, he may actually see himself as being better then they are. Clearly, he is a good person as he seemed bothered when Bear became bewitched by a Yo-kai in one episode and started acting like a bully. Eddie seems to be into technology and is a much better student than Nate or Bear. Eddie usually is seen not making any facial expressions at all, or smiling in a slightly awkward manner. He has been seen to get mildly irritated by other characters but he appears to keep his frustration to himself. Also, Eddie has a big interest in girls.


He seems to be on very friendly terms with Nate, giving him advice from time to time and overall being a fun though calm person to be around. It is not immediately clear what he thinks of Bear despite the fact they are seen hanging out. His relation to Katie isn't terribly clear either. He also seems to be on friendly terms with his parents, though the extent of this is not fully explored through the games or the anime. Yet Eddie can be a showoff sometimes and teases Nate.

In other languages

  • Spanish: Eduardo "Dudú" Arquero
  • French: Matt
  • German: Alfred Neumeier (Freddy)
  • Italian: Pierangelo Vincenzi (Pier)
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Gabriel
  • Korean: 이선우 I Seonwoo
  • Chinese: 今田 干治
  • Thai: อิมะดะ คันจิ
  • Arabic: رامي

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