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The Enma tribe (Japanese: エンマ族 Enma-zoku) is one of the eleven Yo-kai Tribes. This tribe had debuted in Yo-kai Watch Blasters: Moon Rabbit Crew, and is the second-newest introduced tribe with the release of Yo-kai Watch 3 and the Wandroid tribe.

The Enma tribe's emblem is the kanji for "king" (Japanese: Ō) in red, outlined in black.

Summoning Song/ Chant

Yo-kai Watch U & Dream

As the Enma Tribe is not part of any of the 8 tribes, the tribe gets a unique chant.

In the anime and when playing with the toys, their chant is: Enma! Enma! Indeed, his name is Enma! Enma~! Enma~! Enmaaaa~~!" (Japanese: エンマ!閻魔!やっぱそうなのわ閻魔! えんま〜 えんま〜 エンマ〜〜 Enma! Enma! Yappasou na no wa Enma! Enma~ Enma~ Enma~~).

Enma Yo-kai

Rank S Yo-kai

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Rank S icon EYD-007 Lord Enma Fire Candy
Rank S icon YD7-053 Ancient Enma Fire Chinese Food
Rank S icon Awokenenma Lord Enma Awoken Lightning Sukiyaki
Rank S icon YD9-015 Solar Enma Fire Sushi
Rank S icon YD9-016 Infinite Enma Lightning Tempura
Rank S icon YD9-017 Umbral Enma Drain Sukiyaki
Rank S icon EYD-009 Jaou Kaira Water Curry
Rank S icon EYD-010 Yami Enma Drain Sukiyaki
Rank S icon YD10-016 Enma Meiou Maka Drain Hot Dogs
Rank S icon YD10-017 Enma Neko'ou Matatabi Lightning Chocobars
Rank S icon YD10-018 Enma Ryuuou Mizuchi Restoration -
Rank S icon YD10-019 Enma Raou Tekkaku Lightning -
Rank S icon YS1-074 Fudou Myouou - Riceballs

Other Enma Yo-kai

Rank Name Favorite Food
Z Rinne Donuts
SSS Fudou Myouou Ja ?
SSS Fudou Myouou Boy Chocobars
S Fudou Myouou Ten ?
S Norukasoruka ?
SS/SSS Suzaku ?
SSS Shien ?
Z Yasha Enma ?


  • Until the release of the Yo-kai Watch 3 2.0 update and Sukiyaki, the Enma tribe had only one member, tying with the Wandroid tribe.
  • Yo-kai from the Enma tribe cannot be turned into Soul Gems.
  • In M03, when the Enma tribe summoning song plays, Lord Enma and Zazel dance to it against their will in the live action scenes, much to their chagrin. This is a running joke throughout the movie.