Enter Jibanyan! (Japanese: ジバニャンとの出会い Jibanyan to no Deai) is the second Chapter of Yo-kai Watch.


Still recovering from their world-changing adventure at Mount Wildwood over hunting some measly bugs, Nate/Katie come home to find their parents fighting; but they rarely do. Could this be the work of a Yo-kai?

Quest Summaries

Enter Jibanyan!
An Invisible World

"The Yo-kai butler followed me home. When I got home, my parents were fighting. They never fight! Is this Yo-kai mischief? Time for the Yo-kai Watch to do its thing!" - Nate and Katie

Make Five Fast Friends!

"This Yo-kai Dismarelda is too strong. But I need to stop my parents from fighting... Maybe I can defeat her if I get some more Yo-kai friends? I can use the radar to find more Yo-kai!" - Nate and Katie

Someone at the Fish Shop

"I have more Yo-kai friends now...but I hear there's a powerful Yo-kai near the Fish Place. By the intersection maybe? Let's head there--but be careful of cars!" - Nate and Katie

Get the Pic!

"This cat's a real firecracker! Or should I say Yo-kai? His name's Jibanyan and he's hung up on his master, Amy. I need to find the Yo-kai that took his only picture of her and get it back!" - Nate and Katie

Revenge on Dismarelda!

"Jibanyan became our friend! Maybe I'm ready to defeat Dismarelda now and restore peace at home! Come on out, Jibanyan!" - Nate and Katie

Time to Make Up

"Dismarelda was fighting with her husband too. Happierre came to get her and stopped my parents from fighting. All is back to normal, and we had a really nice dinner together." - Nate and Katie


As Nate/Katie walk home, they notice that Whisper is following them home, and resigns to having him around. When they entered the living area, Nate/Katie come across feuding over chores around the home. But when Nate/Katie notes how rare they have ever fought, Whisper points out that they have a house guest, who is soon discovered to be Dismarelda. The Eerie tribe Yo-kai is adamant in staying in place, knocking out Cadin in one fell swoop when he tried to lend assistance to the situation. With that, Whisper decides for Plan B: make more Yo-kai friends, to Nate/Katie's initial hesitance about abandoning the current problem.

After adding 4 more Yo-kai to their Medallium and roster, Whisper detects a powerful aura near the Fish Place Shop. Once there, Nate/Katie talk to the proprietor Mr. Fischer, who noted that lately, traffic seems to be getting chaotic in the intersection from across the street. Once Nate/Katie crossed, they soon encountered a initially nameless cat Yo-kai charging into traffic against a truck, only to be crushed.

After ensuring the cat Yo-kai, whose called himself Jibanyan, mostly because that's what everybody calls him these days, would be alright, Nate/Katie soon found out that a photo of his previous owner when he was alive was stolen by a Yo-kai named Roughraff. After finding Roughraff in the alleyway behind the Fish Place, Nate/Katie battles him over the possession of the photo, and wins.

Once the photo was retrieved, Nate/Katie are briefly held up by Detective Holdit, a human with the ability to see Yo-kai, and proceeds deputizes them for beating Roughraff. After that, Nate/Katie return to Jibanyan with the photo, and rewards them with his Yo-kai Medal, giving Nate/Katie the edge needed to take on Dismarelda.

Once back home, Nate/Katie quickly goes for Round 2 with Dismarelda and to oust her out of their home, and battles her, though not before having a mishap where summoning Jibanyan to battle had him leaping up into the air only to crash into the kitchen's low ceiling. Once Dismarelda is defeated, a new Yo-kai appeared: Dismarelda's husband Happierre, and quickly lightens the mood of the parents, then takes his leave with the missus, though not before Dismarelda gives Nate/Katie their Yo-kai Medal as compensation for the trouble she caused.


Notable Humans

Available Quests and Yo-kai Spots

Yo-kai Spots
  • Children at Play
  • Stuck in a Dark Place
Requests and Favors
  • Here, Fishy, Fishy


  • The events of this chapter, as well as the previous one, were altered within the anime's first episode.
  • After the end of this chapter, the player can access the Crank-a-kai and multiplayer functions.
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