Equipment (Japanese: そうび Sōbi) are items that can be given to Yo-kai to raise and lower stats or produce other effects, to change or improve their capabilities in battle.


Wristbands (Japanese: うでわ Udewa) will give a Strength boost at the expense of Speed (or Defense for thsoe introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2). Yo-kai with a high enough Speed can ignore the stat drop from some of these items in exchange for the Strength boost. Alternatively, they can be given to slow Yo-kai with high Defense to boost their offensive prowess.

Name Image Description Pros Cons
Worn Bangle (Japanese: そまつなうでわ Somatsu na Udewa) It's sort of cheap, but some Yo-kai say it's just right for them! Strength +10  Speed -5
Rocker Wrist (Japanese: ロックなうでわ Rokku na Udewa) A rocker bracelet with spikes. It'd hurt to be on the receiving end. Strength +18 Speed -10
Powerful Bangle (Japanese: パワフルなうでわ Pawafuru na Udewa) Strength +18 Defense -8
Brute Bracer (Japanese: 超力のうでわ Chōriki no Udewa, lit. "Superpowered Bangle) Like solving problems with strength? This one's for you. Strength +25 Speed -15
Sturdy Spirit Bangle (Japanese: 豪気なうでわ Gōki na Udewa) Strength +25 Defense -15
Sun Bracelet (Japanese: 太陽のうでわ Taiyō no Udewa) A heavy gold bracelet said to contain the power of the sun. Strength +35 Speed -20
Fiend Band (Japanese: 鬼神のうでわ Kijin no Udewa) A bracelet bearing a demon's crest. It houses a dark power. Strength +50 Speed -50


Rings (Japanese: ゆびわ Yubiwa) will give a Spirit boost at the expense of Defense, or boost attribute damage but lower defense against that same attribute. Yo-kai with a high enough Defense or resistance to the boosted attribute can make good use of these items.

Name Image Description Pros Cons
Rusty Ring (Japanese: さびたゆびわ Sabita Yubiwa) A ring that's gotten old and rusty. It still has power. Spirit +10 Defense -5
Pretty Ring (Japanese: プリティーリング Puritī Ringu) A cute ring of pink gold. Lady Yo-kai like it a lot. Spirit +18 Defense -10
Illusion Ring (Japanese: げんえいのゆびわ Genei no Yubiwa) Anyone who wears this ring can easily use Yo-kai Techniques. Spirit +25 Defense -15
Lunar Ring (Japanese: 月光のゆびわ Gekkō no Yubiwa) A softly glowing ring said to contain the power of the moon. Spirit +35 Defense -20
Fiend Ring (Japanese: 鬼神のゆびわ Kijin no Yubiwa) A ring bearing a demon's crest. It houses a dark power. Spirit +50 Defense -50
Fire Ring (Japanese: 火のゆびわ Hi no Yubiwa) Makes Fire more powerful both for AND against its wearer. Boosts Fire power. Lowers Fire Defense.
Water Ring (Japanese: 水のゆびわ Mizu no Yubiwa) Makes Water more powerful both for AND against its wearer. Boosts Water power. Lowers Water Defense.
Lightning Ring (Japanese: 雷のゆびわ Kaminari no Yubiwa) Makes Lightning more powerful both for AND against its wearer. Boosts Lightning power. Lowers Lightning Defense.
Earth Ring (Japanese: 土のゆびわ Tsuchi no Yubiwa) Makes Earth more powerful both for AND against its wearer. Boosts Earth power. Lowers Earth Defense.
Ice Ring (Japanese: 氷のゆびわ Kōri no Yubiwa) Makes Ice more powerful both for AND against its wearer. Boosts Ice power. Lowers Ice Defense.
Wind Ring (Japanese: 風のゆびわ Kaze no Yubiwa) Makes Wind more powerful both for AND against its wearer. Boosts Wind power. Lowers Wind Defense.


Charms (Japanese: おまもり Omamori) are an Equipement series based around DEF.

The first set of Charms boost Defense at the expense of Spirit, or slightly lower Defense but boost resistance to a given attribute. The first kind is especially suited for Yo-kai with Strength-based attacks, which can ignore the Spirit drop.

In Japan, the Charms have the kanji "Protect" (Japanese: Mamori) emblazoned on them, which is replaced with eye-like designs in the English versions.

Name Image Description Pros Cons
Aged Charm (Japanese: 古びたおまもり Furubita Omamori) An old charm whose power has atrophied over the years. Defense +10 Spirit -5
Divine Protection Charm (Japanese: 加護のおまもり Kago no Omamori) Defense +15 Strength -8
Runic Charm (Japanese: ルーンのおまもり Rūn no Omamori, "Rune Amulet/Charm") A charm with a mysterious pattern upon it. Defense +18 Spirit -10
Good Luck Charm (Japanese: 幸運のおまもり Rūn no Omamori) Defense +22 Strength -12
Armor Charm (Japanese: てっぺきのおまもり Teppeki no Omamori) A charm said to provide impregnable defense. Defense +25 Spirit -15
Galaxy Charm (Japanese: 星雲のおまもり Seiun no Omamori) A powerful charm that sparkles like a nebula. Defense +35 Spirit -20
Fiend Charm (Japanese: 鬼神のおまもり Kijin no Omamori) A charm bearing a demon's crest. It houses a dark power. Defense +50 Spirit -50
Blaze Charm (Japanese: 火のおまもり Hi no Omamori) A charm that drops DEF but protects you from Fire. Boosts Fire Defense Slightly lowers Defense
Flood Charm (Japanese: 水のおまもり Mizu no Omamori) A charm that drops DEF but protects you from Water. Boosts Water Defense Slightly lowers Defense
Bolt Charm (Japanese: 雷のおまもり Kaminari no Omamori) A charm that drops DEF but protects you from Lightning. Boosts Lightning Defense Slightly lowers Defense
Quake Charm (Japanese: 土のおまもり Tsuchi no Omamori) A charm that drops DEF but protects you from Earth. Boosts Earth Defense Slightly lowers Defense
Frost Charm (Japanese: 氷のおまもり Kōri no Omamori) A charm that drops DEF but protects you from Ice. Boosts Ice Defense Slightly lowers Defense
Storm Charm (Japanese: 風のおまもり Kaze no Omamori) A charm that drops DEF but protects you from Wind. Boosts Wind Defense Slightly lowers Defense


Badges (Japanese: バッジ Bajji) give a Speed boost at the expense of Strength. They are particularly ideal for offensively oriented Yo-kai with Spirit-based attacks and healer types, the latter which greatly benefit from being able to heal their allies more frequently.

Name Image Description Pros Cons
Simple Badge (Japanese: シンプルバッジ Shinpuru Bajji) Sometimes simple is best. This badge bumps up your Speed. Speed +10 Strength -5
Shiny Badge (Japanese: ぴかぴかバッジ Pikapika Bajji) A cool badge that shines bright. Kids love this one! Speed +18 Strength -10
Hermes Badge (Japanese: はやてのバッジ Hayate no Bajji) A badge that lets you run like the wind. Speed +25 Strength -15
Meteor Badge (Japanese: 流星のバッジ Ryūsei no Bajji) A badge shaped like a shooting star with power to match. Speed +35 Strength -20
Fiend Badge (Japanese: 鬼神のバッジ Kijin no Bajji) A badge bearing a demon's crest. It houses unholy speed. Speed +50 Strength -50

Yo-kai-specific Equipment

These items can only be equipped by specific Yo-kai.

Name Image Description Pros Cons
Cicada Sword (Japanese: せみ忍刀 Semi Nintō) The sword of the cicada-style ninja. Only for cicada Yo-kai. Strength +30
Speed +20
Beefy Bell (Japanese: マッスルベル Massuru Beru, "Muscle Bell") Use this cat bell if you want to get beefy! For cat Yo-kai only. Strength +30 None
Spell Bell (Japanese: マジカルベル Majikaru Beru, "Magical Bell") Use this cat bell if you want elegance! For cat Yo-kai only. Spirit +50 None
Tough Bell (Japanese: タフベル Tafu Beru) Use this cat bell if you want to be tough! For cat Yo-kai only. Defense +50 None
Speed Bell (Japanese: スピードベル Supīdo Beru) Use this cat bell if you want to be speedy! For cat Yo-kai only. Speed +30 None
Big Bottle (Japanese: ムゲンすいとう Mugen Suitō, lit. "Endless Water Bottle") A water bottle that never runs dry. For kappa Yo-kai only. Boosts Water power. Lowers Water Defense.
Tengu Fan (Japanese: 天狗のうちわ Tengu no Uchiwa) Tengu draw power from fans like these. For tengu Yo-kai only. Spirit +100
Speed +100
Cheery Coat (Japanese: ハッピーはっぴ Happī happi, "Happy Happi") This'll make you wanna dance! For Wiglin, Steppa, and Rhyth only. Speed +50 None
Nail Bat (Japanese: 釘バット Kugi Batto) A bat with nails sticking out of it. Only for Badude and Bruff. Strength +50 Speed -50
Defense -25
Reversword (Japanese: 逆転のつるぎ Gyakuten no Tsurugi, lit. "Reversal Sword") This sword strengthens the weak. D- and E-Rank Yo-kai only. Strength +30
Speed +30
Turnabeads (Japanese: 逆転のまがたま Gyakuten no Magatama, lit. "Reversal Magatama") A jewel that gives the weak power. D- and E-Rank Yo-kai only. Spirit +30
Speed +30
Reflector (Japanese: 逆転のかがみ Gyakuten no Kagami, lit. "Reversal Mirror") One item of the wimpy trinity. D- and E-Rank Yo-kai only. Defense +30
Speed +30
Drumsticks Don-chan uses these to thump out big, bold rhythms. Spirit +40

Defense +60

Robovitamin E A drink that makes robotic Yo-kai run more smoothly. Defense +45

Speed +20

Memory Chime This treasured cime reminds Jibanyan of Amy. Strength +40

Speed +40

Fleshy Band Inspires Fleshy Souls Yo-kai to outdo their Bony Spirits rivals. + Damae to Bony Yokai None


This is a list of items that do not fit into any of the previous types and provide a variety of unique effects.

Name Image Description Pros Cons
Ritzy Studs (Japanese: 金もちイヤリング Kanemochi Iyaringu, lit. "Rich Earring") These pearl earrings seem to improve your luck with money. Increased money intake. None.
Sleep 'n' Study (Japanese: 睡眠学習セット Suimin Gakushū Setto, lit. "Sleep Learning Set") With this, you can study while sleeping! Any student's dream! Increased EXP intake. Yo-kai Loafs more.
Die of Fate (Japanese: 運命のサイコロ Unmei no Saikoro) This die will make your luck more extreme, either good or bad Increases critical chance. Bad luck vs. crit. attacks
Iron Plates (Japanese: 分厚い鉄球 Buatsui Tekkyū, lit. "Thick Iron Ball") These plates will defend your vital points, but they're HEAVY. Critical-attack immunity. Lowers Speed.
Thick Specs (Japanese: びんぞこメガネ Binzoko Megane, lit. "Bottle Bottom Glasses") Superthick glasses for great vision. Just don't break 'em. Attacks will always hit. Lowers Strength.
Ancient Scale (Japanese: 太古のウロコ Taiko no Uroko) A beautiful, old dragon scale that drives away evil power. Prevent enemy Inspirits. Lowers Defense.
Venoct Gauntlet (Japanese: オロチのこて Orochi no Kote)
Venoct Gauntlet
A soul-powering gauntlet containing Venoct's strength Soul Meter fills up faster. Yo-kai Loafs around more.
Heavenly Sash (Japanese: 天女のはごろも Ten'nyo no Hagoromo) A fairy gave this sash to a human for saving her life. Gradually recovers HP. None.
Ski Mask (Japanese: めだしぼう Medashibō, a term alternatively used for a balaclava) You can wear this mask to hide your identity. Pretty shady. Targeted less by enemies. None.
Sticker of Hate (Japanese: キラワレール Kirawarēru) Everyone will hate you if you wear this. Why would you do that? Draws enemy attacks. Lowers Defense.
Vampiric Fangs (Japanese: きゅうけつの牙 Kyūketsu no Kiba, lit. "Blood-sucking Fangs") Dentures usually aren't scary, but these let you suck blood! Absorbs HP by attacking. None.
Crystal Ball (Japanese: 聖なる水晶 Seinaru Suishō, lit. "Holy Crystal") A crystal ball with holy power. It brings good luck. Good Inspirits last longer. None.
Sleepillow (Japanese: あんみんまくら Anmin Makura, lit. "Sleep Pillow") It's a relaxing pillow, but it'll make you lazier... Gradually recovers HP. Yo-kai Loafs around more.
Restraint Belt (Japanese: てかげんベルト Tekagen Beruto, lit. "Hold back Belt") Wear this power-lowering belt when you want to hold back. None Massively lowers all stats.
Guard Gem (Japanese: ガードの秘石 Gādo no Hiseki, lit. "Guarding Secret Stone") This compels you to protect yourself. Could be handy! Forces Yo-kai to guard. None.
Monkey Circlet (Japanese: おさるの輪っか O-saru no Wakka) This circlet will tighten to put a stop to any evolution. Won't let Yo-kai evolve. Won't let Yo-kai evolve.


  • The Reversword, Turnabeads, and Reflector are based off of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan, with the Reversword being based on the Kusanagi no Tsurugi, the Turnabeads being based on the Yasakani no Magatama, and the Reflector being based on the Yata no Kagami.
  • Charms are based on omamori, amulets that are purchased at religious sites to bring blessings or good luck. In their most common form, they are a palm-sized piece of paper or wooden tablet with a prayer written on them, placed inside a brocaded silk bag.
  • The Heavenly Sash's Japanese name and description refers to tennin (tennyo if female), divine beings from Japanese Buddhism that are comparable to angels or fairies. The hagoromo ("feather mantle") they wear gives them the ability to fly, and is rendered in depictions of tennin as a floating sash arching behind their backs.
  • Several items can interact with certain Skills:
    • The Ritzy Studs can be stacked alongside a Yo-kai with the Good Fortune Skill.
    • The Iron Plates negate the negative side effects of the Gambler and Insecure Skills.
    • The Elemental Rings can be stacked alongside a Yo-kai with the respective Elemental Play Skills.
  • The Monkey Circlet is based on a golden circlet that Sun Wukong from Journey to the West was forced to wear so that Xuanzang could keep him in line: the headwear would tighten painfully whenever the monk recited a particular spell. Coicidentally, one can get a Monkey

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