Droplette evolved into Drizzle

Droplette evolved into Drizzle.

Evolution (Japanese: 進化 Shinka) is a process in which a Yo-kai changes into a different form. The evolution process can make the Yo-kai much stronger than its previous form and it will also gain an increase in Rank and power.


There are 3 different kind of ways a Yo-kai can evolve: they can evolve either through leveling up, and through Fusion (Japanese: 合成進化 Gōsei Shinka, lit. "Synthesis Evolution"), either with another Yo-kai or with an item.

Yo-kai that evolve via leveling up can cancel their evolution as well, but they will evolve following the next level up. Those who evolve via fusion cannot.

List of Yo-kai that evolve

Have this Yo-kai... ... reach this level... ... to evolve into this Yo-kai!
D'wanna 15 N'more
Wiglin (YW2) 17 Kelpacabana
Negatibuzz 17 Moskevil
Pandle 18 Undy
Brushido 19 Washogun
Cutta-nah 20 Cutta-nah-nah
Wazzat (YW2) 20 Houzzat
Tsubuyaki 20 Tsureet
Cadin 21 Cadable
Hungramps (YW1) 22 Hungorge (YW1)
Tattletell (YW2) 23 Tattlecast (YW2)
Peckpocket (YW2) 23 Robbinyu
Manjimutt (YW2) 23 Multimutt (YW2)
Dimmy 24 Blandon
Damajor 25 Damajor Nine
Droplette 25 Drizzle
Slush 25 Alhail
Noko (YW2) 25 Bloominoko (YW2)
Roughraff 26 Badude
Irewig 26 Firewig
Smogling 27 Smogmella
Yoink 27 Gimme
Fishpicable 27 Rageon
Soramimizuku 28 Jigoku-mimizuku
Ponkotsu 28 Rebone
Lodo (YW2) 28 Supoor Hero
Gnomey 28 High Gnomey
Furgus 28 Furdinand
Noway 29 Impass
Zappary 29 Frazzel
Baku (YW2) 29 Bakulia
Snaggly 29 Whinona
So-Sorree 30 Bowminos
Kotenpan 30 Obaguette
Slicenrice 31 Flamurice
Taikomochi 31 Gomathree
Amanjiru 32 Gyujiru
Walkappa 32 Appak
Lie-in 35 (YW3) Lie-in Heart
Gachin-kozo 35 Tenkamuso
Komasan (YW1-2) 35 Komane
Komajiro (YW1-2) 35 Komiger

In other languages

  • Italian: Evoluzione

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