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台風の目, Taifuu-no-Me
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Eyeclone (Japanese: 台風の目 Taifū no Me) is a Boss Yo-kai introduced in the Yo-kai Watch 2.

The Yo-kai Medallium bio reads; "Eyeclone is the Yo-kai who causes storms to rage during the summer. It's his ambition to set a new wind-speed record, but look on the bright side-the calm after he leaves is quite lovely."


Eyeclone is a yellow humanoid-like Yo-kai having purple tipped earlobes that extend from the ears to his pill-shaped face. He has a total of 3 eyes with red irises and blue sclera, two of which are on his purple finger tipped hands, and having a purple spiral- like marking on his face. He also has a small, purple-like puff of hair. Finally, the bottom half of his torso is cloaked in a gray cloud.



Abilities and Powers

This gargantuin Yo-kai has the power to control the elements around him. He also has great strength because of his large size, like Massiface and Clipso . Some of his attacks are summoning a colossal typhoon to damage all of your Yo-kai. Or, he simply pounds an ally with his giant fist for high damage. Finally, his Soultimate Move makes him summon a giant tornado for massive damage on all front row allies.



  • Eyeclone has the most variants out of any Boss Yo-kai fought during the main story. Eyeclone in particular has 3- Eyephoon, Retinado, and I Jigen Tochan.


Eyeclone might be based on Ichimokuren, a youkai named after a mountain in Ise that appears as a single eye in the sky, and can generate devastating storms capable of leveling dozens of building. Its name roughly translates as "crumbling in a single moment".

Name Origin

  • Taifu no Me literally translates into "Eye of the Typhoon"
  • "Eyeclone" is a portmanteau of "Eye" and "Cyclone".
  • "Cicluracan" is a combination of "ciclope" (cyclop) and "huracan" (hurricane).
  • "Tourboeillon" comes from "tourbillon" (whirlwind) and "œil" (eye)

In other languages

  • Japanese: 台風の目 Taifu no Me
  • Korean: 태풍의 눈 Taepung-ui nun
  • Spanish: Cicluracan
  • Italian: Ciclocchio
  • French : Tourboeillon

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