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Faux Kappa
河童, Kappa
Pretty medal
Kappa YW4-020
Faux Kappa's Image Category
Attribute Rank
Rank A icon
Common Rare
None None
Skill Special Effect
Intimidation Real Power
Favorite Food
Former Current
None Vegetables
Total: 3000
Stat rank D
Stat rank E
Stat rank D
Stat rank C
Stat rank D

Faux Kappa (Japanese : 河童 Kappa) is a Rank A Water-attribute Classic Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.

The Yo-kai Medallium bio reads; "Now THIS is a Yo-kai! There's a possibility that he's related to Walkappa!"

Faux Kappa is one of the Yo-kai required to unlock Spoilerina.

Faux Kappa can evolve into Mad Kappa when fused with a Wicked Parts.


Faux Kappa has the look of a traditional Kappa; a humanoid creature who has green scaly skin, a beak, a plate on the head, and a turtle shell on the back. He has dark green hair growing around the dull yellow plate on his head. He wears nothing but a brown straw skirt. He also carries around a lightly tanned gourd with red strings tied onto it.


Faux Kappa appears to be a bit intimidating at first glance, but he is friendly. He is also cool-headed and confident in his abilities.

In the anime, he was a bit embarrassed when he accidentally revealed that he liked rap, which supposedly clashed with the traditions of Kappa. However, he came clean and admitted that just sticking to old things was no good, and valuing new things was just as important.


Nate and Whisper


Faux Kappa had a duel with Walkappa to see who was the most genuine Kappa between the two of them. When Faux Kappa lost, he recognized Walkappa as a real Kappa, and thus Walkappa earned his respect. As of episode 97, he is friends with Walkappa and Kapper and they are now the group "Mizukakitai."


Ever since he first met him, he threw away his old ways, became a rapper, joined his group, and became friends with the fellow rapper.

Boyclops, Pallysol, and Lady Longnek


Abilities and Powers


Stats Calculation
This shows Faux Kappa's stat on level: 99.

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack One-Two Punch 15x2 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Waterfall 80-120 Water Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Real Power Single ally
Raises the Inspirited Yo-kai's SPD with the power of a bonafide kappa.
Soultimate Move Kappaaa WAVE! 170 Water Single enemy
Sends out a genuine powerful water stream to damage one enemy.
Skill Intimidation
No Yo-kai will Loaf around.

How to befriend

Yo-kai Watch 2

Faux Kappa is befriended automatically in the story.

Alternatively you can find him in Old Springdale with the Rank A Watch


He makes his debut in episode 33 and challenges Walkappa in swimming, eating, and sumo wrestling. He loses in sumo because his plate dried up in the sun while Walkappa's plate was immune because Walkappa wore sunscreen. Walkappa is now officially a Kappa and Faux Kappa gives Nate his medal.

He is first summoned in episode 93 just for the Halloween parade, however, he, Boyclops, Pallysol, and Lady Longnek get teased despite wearing their normal clothing. This causes them to scare everyone in sight, much to the dismay of Mermaidyn.

In episode 97, he says he listens to enka, but his beans are spilled and he does in fact like rap music. He quickly joins Walkappa and Kapper's music group. This episode is a turning point for Faux Kappa as he makes a historic speech: "When I challenged Walkappa at sumo . . . Since I didn't use sunscreen, my power evaporated, and I ended up losing. I realized that sticking just to the old ways was no good, and valuing new things was just as important." Whisper seemed to be embarrassed and disappointed, but he starts rapping just to show his appreciation for Faux Kappa. Nate compliments his new and improved friends, but this causes the Kappa group "Mizukakitai" to have a debut party at Nate's house, much to the annoyance of Nate and Jibanyan.



See Walkappa#Origin.

Name Origin

Peculiarly, his name essentially means "Fake Kappa", when lore-wise, this Yo-kai is the quintessential example of the Kappa. It may refer to him being an outdated form of the Kappa, as he retains his weakness of his plate drying out.

In other languages

  • Japanese: 河童 Kappa
  • Spanish: Kappafalso
  • French: Faux Kappa
  • German: Japakappa
  • Italian: Falkappa
  • Portuguese (brazil): Falso Kappa
  • Korean: 접시부기 Jeopsibugi
  • Chinese:
  • Thai:
  • Arabic:

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