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The Fire Attribute (Japanese: 火属性 Hi-zokusei) is one of the 8 Yo-kai attributes.

Most of the Yo-kai of this attribute are of the Charming tribe. Fire Yo-kai are strong over Ice Yo-kai, but are weak against Water Yo-kai.

List of Fire-attribute Yo-kai

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank E icon Buyojinbo YW2-001 Pandle Rice Balls
Rank C icon Garakinbo YW2-003 Undy Rice Balls
Rank A icon Kushamusha Zerberker Meat
Rank D icon Yakimochi Minochi Rice Balls
Rank C icon Merameraion YW1-002 Blazion Meat
Rank C icon Shoubushi YW3-001 Chansin Seafood
Rank A icon KabukizaruYW9-001 Kapunki Soba Noodles
Rank A icon Casanono Casanono Sweet Things
Rank S icon Flengusprite Flengu Candy
Rank S icon Yami Kyuubi YW3-006 Kyubi Oden Stew
Rank S icon Shurakoma YW1-014 Komashura Milk
Rank E icon Sharekofujin YW2-016 Dazzabel Sweet Things
Rank C icon Karakarasan Rattelle Sweet Things
Rank B icon Higurashimaru Singcada Juice
Rank S icon Atsugaruru Swelterrier Ramen
Rank D icon Jibanyan Jibanyan Chocobars
Rank B icon Warunyan YW1-030 Baddinyan Chocobars
Rank D icon Komasan YW1-028 Komasan Ice Cream
Rank A icon Shishikoma YW1-031 Komane Ice Cream
Rank A icon Rubiinyan YW8-016 Rubinyan Chocobars
Rank D icon Gaki YW4-026 Tantroni Chinese Food
Rank A icon Debibiru YW3-021 Timidevil Ramen
Rank S icon Debibiran YW3-022 Beelzebold Ramen
Rank S icon Mushiba Hakushaku YW7-030 Count Cavity Ramen
Rank S icon YW13-004 Greesel Meat
Rank D icon Tararin Gush Juice
Rank E icon Jinmenken YW1-048 Manjimutt Curry
Rank B icon Kaoberus Multimutt Curry
Rank A icon None Tunatic Meat
Rank B icon Shikirunja YW3-026 Copperled Seafood

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank E icon Okomusha Hissfit Meat
Rank D icon Nebutan PYW-109 Slumberhog Curry
Rank B icon PYW-118 Snortlehog Curry
Rank A icon Yakionigiri Flamurice Rice Balls
Rank B icon Asokkazan PYW-120 Whatuption Meat
Rank C icon Asekkaki YW4-011 Swelton Curry
Rank S icon Ooyamori YW8-013 Uber Geeko Soba Noodles
Rank S icon Aka-oni YW8-010 Gargaros * Meat
Rank S icon Jibanyan S YW7-025 Jibanyan S Chocobars
Rank S icon YW8-017 Komasan S Ice Cream
Rank A icon Jibakoma YW7-022 Jibakoma Chocobars
Rank B icon Ichigonyan YW6-016 Strawbnyan Chocobars
Rank A icon YW9-015 Robokoma Milk
Rank C icon Hareotoko YW8-018 Ray O'Light Sweet Things
Rank B icon None Carniboy Meat
Rank B icon Mitsumata-no-Zuchi YW4-030 Slimamander * Oden Stew
Rank A icon Nobosetonman YW4-034 Sproink * Chinese Food
Rank D icon Takoyakki PYW-117 Takoyakid Oden Stew
Rank B icon Takoyakishin PYW-126 Takoyaking Oden Stew
Rank D icon None Irewig Hamburgers
Rank A icon None Firewig Hamburgers
Rank B icon None Robodraggie Chinese Food

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch Busters

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank A icon YW9-004 Taronyan Sushi
Rank S icon Onigumo Arachnevil Tempura
Rank A icon YW9-007 Maginyan Sweet Things
Rank B icon YW8-027 B-Jibanyan Chocobars
Rank C icon YW13-001 Rudy Chocobars
Rank B icon YW8-026 B-Komasan Ice Cream
Rank A icon YW11-009 Rubeus J * Chocobars
Rank S icon EYD-007 Lord Enma Candy

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank D icon YD3-001 Gachin-kozo Meat
Rank A icon None Tenkamuso Meat
Rank C icon Nikuyaki BBQvil Meat
Rank B icon None Iballoon Hot Dogs
Rank S icon Bishamoten YD2-005 Bishamonten Meat
Rank S icon YD2-006 Last Bushinyan The Last Nyanmurai Tempura
Rank S icon Asura Asura Meat
Rank S icon None Shivalak Sukiyaki
Rank C icon IeayUkiukipedia Yeeey Pizza
Rank C icon Peraperaion Peraperaion Pizza
Rank S icon Shutendoji YD2-010 Shutendoji Tempura
Rank E icon None Oh Wheel Donuts
Rank C icon None Kakusan Sushi
Rank A icon None Steaking Meat
Rank A icon Nyaminator Nyaaminator Chocobars
Rank A icon None Agyou Seafood
Rank E icon None Unbelievabou Snacks
Rank S icon None Bad Boya Snacks
Rank S icon None Gekikara Boy Snacks
Rank S icon Jibanyan Liu Bei Jibanyan Ryubi Chocobars
Rank S icon Komasan Son Ce Komasan Son Saku Ice Cream
Rank B icon Tomnyan Tomnyan Delish-sticks
Rank A icon Sushijiba Sushijiba Sushi
Rank A icon YD3-021 Tenkoma Tenkoma Tempura
Rank S icon None Karura Tempura
Rank E icon None Massaranyan Unknown
Rank A icon None Jibanyan King Chocobars
Rank A icon None Komasan Jack Ice Cream
Rank C icon None Hanashikami Curry
Rank E icon None Chirakashikerai Donuts
Rank D icon None Karikari Bacon Hot Dogs
Rank E icon None Kaeri Tie Milk
Rank S icon Saki-chan Saki-chan Tempura
Rank B icon None Chochin-obake Sukiyaki
Rank C icon None Takorami Seafood
Rank S icon None Jimanhattan Seafood
Rank S icon None King Enma Oden Stew
Rank S icon None Taiyo-shin Enma Sushi


  • The tribe from the eight main tribes with the least amount of Fire-attribute Yo-kai is the Heartful tribe, with only 2 Yo-kai.

In other languages

  • Italian: Fuoco

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