Yo-kai Watch 3 battle system

The battle system in Yo-kai Watch 3.

The gameplay in the Yo-kai Watch franchise contains an open world environment, a battle system, quests and many other features. Most of these features changes from every new installment of the franchise.

Yo-kai Watch

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Battle system

Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Watch 2

Yo-kai Watch uses an unique battle system. The Yo-kai the player befriends with fight on their own, but the player can help them our in four different ways.

  • Soultimate Move - Unleashes the ultimate Yo-kai moves. The Soultimate meter can be refilled if one of the player's Yo-kai attack a foe who is either Inspirited or is currently loafing around.
  • Target - This puts a pin on a whisp to collect items, money, or become friends with an enemy Yo-kai. This also helps the player's Yo-kai focus on a certain foe or a weak spot on a boss Yo-kai. The player can also see if they are already befriended with the Yo-kai and see their favorite food.
  • Purify - There are good Inspirits and bad Inspirits. Nonetheless, if the player's Yo-kai gets Inspirited by a foe, drag them to the back in order to purify them. If the player do so before the battle ends, the Yo-kai will gain bonus experience points.
  • Items - The player can use items to heal one of their Yo-kai's health or fill up their Soutlimate meter. It can also be used to befriend enemy Yo-kai. The player can use a Getaway Plush to flee from battle.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Team Chemistry

If the player place the said Yo-kai from the same tribe next to each other, they will get a Unity Bonus. If the player have three next to each other of the same tribe, they will receive a bigger Unity Bonus.



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The Yo-kai can evolve into another Yo-kai when they reached a certain level. They can receive experience points in battle. However, some Yo-kai evolve on different levels in different games.


Main article: Fusion

The player can fuse Yo-kai with another Yo-kai or can fuse them with items. The player has to go to Shoten Temple which is locared in Blossom Heights. There they will meet Mr. Zen which will fuse the player's Yo-kai into a more powerful one.

Befriending Yo-kai

After the end of a battle, a Yo-kai may approach you and ask you to be their friend. This is because you either gave them their favorite food, or you have impressed them with your Yo-kais' awesome battling skills and power. If you do this, said Yo-kai will give you their Yo-kai Medal, and you will be asked to give them a nickname you can choose not to do this. You can befriend multiple of the same Yo-Kai.

Disclaimer: You can only hold 6 medals at a time. The rest of your medals will be stored in your Yo-kai Medallium, which serves both as storage for your medals and an encyclopedia.

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