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Geboru Fushi-cho (Japanese: ゲボール不死長 Geboru Fushi-cho) is a Boss Yo-kai which appears in Yo-kai Watch 3. He is a zombie and fought in Zombie Night.



Being a zombie, Geboru Fushi-cho bears many similarities to his lesser brethren; however. he sports a more stocky build, as well as a wide mouth with prominent teeth and a flame-like hair lock on his head. His most notable feature is his heart-like organ shown on his open abdomen. He wears a ragged vine-colored cape with a puffy collar, brown pants and carries a rusty mace in his right hand.

In line with his undead brethren, Geboru Fushi-cho acts very instinctively, limiting to chase Nate until he fells him.


Like all the zombies in the game, Geboru Fushi-cho can be only fought at Zombie Night, specifically at the S-rank mission in the park building.

As with all the zombie Yo-kai, the boss can easily fell Nate if he is careless. Nate must wait until Geboru's back is turned and strike him. Upon noticing Nate, Geboru will chase him down. Nate must avoid the boss' strikes and hit him when open. After 10 strikes, Geboru Fushi-cho will drop the key needed for accessing the second floor.

Geboru Fushi-cho will appear again in the second floor, bearing a second key to access the tower's bell. The player must repeat the same strategy to fell him down again.


  • Geboru Fushi-cho's Medallium entry is unique in that it appears to be signed by a major human character in the game -Lily Francie Ph.D-, as opposed to the others which appear to be written in a causal manner.