Gera Gera Po Song
Gera Gera Po Song
Artist King Cream Soda
Episodes JP EP001 - EP036, EP051
USEP001 - EP009, EP011 - EP017 odds

EUEP027 - Present

Length 4:11 (full version)
2:18 (music video)
1:26 (opening theme)
Next Hatsukoitoge De Geragerapo
Matsuribayashi De Geragerapo
Yo-kai Watch feat. Swampy Marsh

The Gera Gera Po Song (Japanese: ゲラゲラポーのうた Gerageraō no Uta, literally meaning "The Hahaha Song") is the first opening song of the Yo-kai Watch anime series and performed by King Creamsoda. The lyrics is written by motsu and the composition and arrangement is done by Tomoki Kikuya.

The song has released on April 30, 2014 in Japan and is as well available on the Japanese iTunes for only 250 yen.


Animated version

Full version



Television version

Full version

Japanese English

ゲラゲラポッポ ゲラゲラポー
ゲラゲラポッポ ゲラゲラポー
ゲラゲラポッポ ゲラゲラポー
ゲラゲラポッポ ゲラゲラポー

瞬間伝わるメッセージ ビュンビュン
計画サクサク ズンズン
全部ゲラッポー 時計パッと

おてらのおやねは 夕やけ舞台
あのまち このまち 見渡して

ゲラゲラポッポ ゲラゲラポー
ゲラゲラポッポ ゲラゲラポー

雲が踊れば 風が歌いだす

ゲラゲラポッポ ゲラゲラポー
ゲラゲラポッポ ゲラゲラポー

ユメって何だろう? 眠ってるときに
未来がユメなら なんだか楽しそう

傘持ってない? 濡れッパでGO

誘いさそわれて マボロシほたる
不思議のほこらで 見蕩れたら

ゲラゲラポッポ ゲラゲラポー
ゲラゲラポッポ ゲラゲラポー

惑星(ほし)を舞わそう 明日を呼びに行こう

ゲラゲラポッポ ゲラゲラポー
ゲラゲラポッポ ゲラゲラポー

Geragera Poppo Geragheporp Geragera Poppo Geragheporp Geragera Poppo Geragheporp Geragera Poppo Geragheporp

Messengers that arrive instantly Byunbune Plan chestnut season But it will be hard if the battery runs out of charge All I have to do is connect Hey What is Benry? I also feel uneasy about the future All the Gerappo clock watch Ma · K · mo · de · s

The temple's dinner is playing in the evening stage Umseting down this town Mother's glass sang

Geragera Poppo Geragheporp Geragera Poppo Geragheporp

If clouds dance the wind will sing

Geragera Poppo Geragheporp Geragera Poppo Geragheporp

What is a dream? When you are sleeping The beautiful flowing scenery that flows? It seems to be fun if the future is dream It seems like somehow awesome

Highspec Super Computer Omniscient Smart system integration But the weather forecast disappears Do not have an umbrella? Wetted in GO can not predict What I can not explain Such a future is already Full of excitement

Invitation is invited and Maboroshi firefly If you can be amazed by the wonder of the dust Cruising without dancing, under the moon

Geragera Poppo Geragheporp Geragera Poppo Geragheporp

Let's go for the planet (hoshi) so it will call for tomorrow

Geragera Poppo Geragheporp Geragera Poppo Geragheporp


Date M, D, W Rank
Debut Week 4
April 2014 Month 19
May 2014 Month 13
June 2014 Month 30
July 2014 Month 31
August 2014 Month 47
Six months Fiscal 49
2014 Fiscal 50


  • The original audio for episodes 12, 25, 36 and 51, the entire cast sings to the song; but only the "Gera Gera Po" part of the lyrics.
  • In episode 51, there is an exclusive version of Gera Gera Po, that being the New Year's Eve edition.
  • in M03,a remix of this song can be heard as the theme song.


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