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巨大サンタ, Kyodai Santa
Giant Santa
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Giant Santa (Japanese: 巨大サンタ Kyodai Santa) is a Eerie tribe Yo-kai who made his apperance in Yo-kai Watch the Movie: The Great King Enma and the Five Tales, Nyan! in Episode 4.


A giant humanoid Yo-kai that bears a resemblance to Santa Claus. Like said person, Giant Santa has a large white beard, long hair, yellow round eyes, and a huge blue nose. He wears a red Santa outfit consisting of a hat with a yellow wisp, a coat with white fluff on the ends of the sleeves and the coat itself, brown gloves, pants with the same fluff, and black shoes. He also wears a blue shirt with a snowflake pattern, and a black belt emblazoned with a golden star in the middle and also it holds four small bags. He also has a small purple wisp as a tail behind.




Abilities and Powers


In the movie

He first appeared after Inaho and USApyon brought a boy named Takayuki to a hospital to see his mother. USApyon was told by Giant Santa that he himself broke a rule that the otter Yo-kai "gave a present to a child who requested none", which USApyon replied he was just playing a trick. Giant Santa then decided to just do nothing with it, in which he grew a inch taller, making Inaho say "Did he just got bigger?" USApyon then said "More importantly, why did you give everyone but me presents that one time, dani!? I waited, and waited, but I got nothing!", in which Giant Santa replied with "Well, you just seemed so happy already... You seemed so happy that night, I didn't think that you needed one", having USApyon realized that he is the one who led a NASU scientist named Professor Hyuri to the otter in the rabbit farm. USApyon then thanks Giant Santa and the large Yo-kai flies away shouting "Merry Christmas!"



He is based off of the eponymous Santa Claus

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