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Godside Yo-kai are a possible upgrade from Lightside and Shadowside forms but the Yo-kai with Godside forms still possess an unknown Shadowside form depending on what Ark you use.

It is currently unknown how Godside will work with Yo-kai Arks in the Yo-kai Watch Elda Jin.

List of Godside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Shadowside Godside
Nekomata/Neko'ou Bastet
Nekomata Artwork
Kappa (Salaryman)
Kappa M05
Zashiki-warashi (Shadowside)/Tengu'ou Kurama
Gnomey Light
ZashikiWarashi ShadowsideArk
Suu-san/Gunshin Susanoo Suu-san SuuSanShadowArc Susanoo