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Got It Maid (Japanese: ガッテンマイヤー Gattenmaiyā) is a Rank C Restoration-attributed Merican Yo-kai of the Heartful Tribe.


Got It Maid has the appearance of a housekeeper, with a blue costume with an aquamarine gem, white apron, pink hair and earrings. She also has a ghost tail like many other Yo-kai, a hairdo like Whisper's, and the black strip between her eyes like Whisper and Verygoodsir. Occasionally, her eyes become red when she forces herself to do the requested chores.

Got It Maid is nice most of the time, but when she is given certain tasks, she tends to be mean.

Got It Maid will respond to any request, no matter how hard it'll be to fulfill. She never stops until the chore is done, and that can result her turning insane.



Like Verygoodsir, Got It Maid has developed quite a bit of hatred towards Nate because of all the work she has had to suffer. After she took care of him, she was suddenly nice again as if the shift never happened.


Yo-kai Watch animation series

Gattenmeier Anime Intro

In EP109, Whisper catches the Yo-kai Flu again. Jibanyan decided to hire Got It Maid, so she could take care of Nate for twenty-four hours. She did everything Nate requested, like cleaning his room, doing his homework and even force-feeding him pudding.

In the bathroom, Nate and Jibanyan talked about how scary Got It Maid was. Nate explained that she can do anything she wants, even destroy the world. Got It Maid overheard them, and decided to take control of a nearby missile base to destroy the planet. Failing to stop her, Nate decided to summon Venoct so that he could save the world, but the twenty-four hours were suddenly up, leaving Got It Maid confused.

When Whisper came back from the doctor, he finds out about Got It Maid and develops a liking to her. Nate and Jibanyan disagrees in fear.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Game data


Stats Calculation
This shows Got It Maid's stat on level: 0.


Attack: Smack Down Technique:Restore Inspirit: Maids Helping, Allies are helped by Got It Maid increasing their attack Soultimate Move: Super Heal!, all allies are healed by skillful maid powers



  • "Gattenmeier" is a portmanteau of gatten (comprehension) and Rottenmeier.
  • "Got It Maid" is based on the phrase "Got it made" replacing the word Made with Maid a word used to represent a female servent.
  • In Spanish, "Auxiliadora" is translated as "Aid".


Sharing similar origins with Verygoodsir, Gattenmeier is modeled after Fräulein Rottenmeier from Johanna Spyri's Heidi, the strict, dogmatic housekeeper of the Seseman household who constantly reins in Heidi's spontaneous behavior. Owing to the Japanese animated adaptation, she's about as much of an iconic character as Sebastian (Verygoodsir's Japanese name).


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ガッテンマイヤー
Flag of Spain Spanish Auxiliadora
Flag of Germany German Grete Petete