Great Legendary Yo-kai (Japanese: 偉人レジェンド妖怪 Ijin Rejendo Yōkai) are a special class of Legendary Yo-kai debuting in Yo-kai Watch 3 who were originally famous people before their death. They seem to all have things to do with American history.

Similar to the 'Merican Legendary Yo-kai, these Yo-kai must be befriended in the overworld. To trigger their encounters, the player must read a book about each of them for five days, after which they will appear before the player and encourage him/her to locate them in select locations in USA. They can be battled once a day until befriended.

Notably, all the known Legendary Yo-kai of this group sport a five-pointed sheriff-like star with the katakana charater I (Japanese: ), which stands for "Ijin" (偉人, Kanji for "Great Man").

List of Great Legend Yo-kai

Tribe Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Isamashi medal None Columbus Water Pasta
Fushigi medal None T. Energison Lightning Hamburgers
Pokapoka medal None Darwin Restoration Pizza