Hagure medal

The Hagure tribe (Japanese: はぐれ族 Hagure-zoku) is one of the eleven Yo-kai Tribes, and the newest official tribe introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3.

The Hagure tribe's emblem contains a robot-like face with a dark blue-colored background.

Summoning Chant

Yo-kai Watch U Unlike other medals, when a Hagure medal is put in the watch, the opening part (where "Ladies and gentlemen" is usually announced) is played without any voices, followed immediately by the character saying his name.

Hagure Yo-kai

Rank B Yo-kai

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Rank B icon Android Yamada Android Yamada Lightning Curry

Other Hagure Yo-kai

Rank Name Favorite Food
S Android Yamada S Curry
? Android Nakamura ?
? Android Sato ?
? Android Suzuki ?
? Android Tanaka ?
? Android Takahachi ?
? Android Watanabe ?


  • The Hagure tribe can be found in Yo-kai Watch 3 after the 1.2 update.
  • Several factors make the Hagure tribe unique to the series as a whole:
    • All the members of the Hagure tribe in the anime have once been human.
    • All the members of the Hagure tribe have common Japanese surnames as part of their Yo-kai names.
    • With the 2.0 update and Sukiyaki, the Hagure tribe has the lowest amount of recruitable members of any tribe, with only one Yo-kai. They had previously tied with the Enma tribe until the aforementioned update.

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