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Year 3 Class Y Mr. Nyanpachi Title
Hangin' with Mr. Crabbycat (Japanese: 3年Y組ニャンパチ先生 San-nen Wai-gumi Nyanpachi-sensei) is a mini-corner.


Mr. Crabbycat (portrayed by Jibanyan) works at a Yo-kai school with Mr. Countryfolk (portrayed by Komasan) and Miss Blizzaria as they work to educate their students including the unruly ones like Roughraff and Noway.

List of Episodes


Episode 1

Mr. Crabbycat starts his job as a teacher, but finds the job difficult.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Mr. Crabbycat develops a crush on Ms. Blizzaria, which his students use against him.

Episode 4

Episode 5

It is time for Mr. Crabbycat's students to graduate.


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