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モテアマス, Moteamasu
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Yo-kai Watch 2
Yo-kai Watch 3
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Wibble Wobble
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Hans Full (Japanese: モテアマス Moteamasu) is a Boss Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2.

In Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, he is a Rank SS Yo-kai of the Shady tribe.



Hans Full is a large Yo-kai, stitched together from several different parts. His skin has pink, light purple, dark purple, and grey patches. He has a large, oddly shaped mouth, with its inside being light yellow. His eyes are crossed, and red in color. He has two circle-shaped bumps on his back, and a larger one below his torso, instead of legs.

While he has no legs, he has five arms. All of his hands are purple, with four of them being right hands, and only one being a left hand. His left hand is the one at the very front.

He carries two flasks, both which have what resembles face-like wisps inside of them. From the way he keeps pulling more flasks from his mouth, he might be stuffed full of them.

Hans Full, originally called Amatera, was created by Dr. Maddiman in a secret laboratory below Nocturne Hospital, back when he was still human. Even after becoming a Yo-kai, Dr. Maddiman kept working on Amatera for decades. Since Hans Full is described as wishing for legs instead of the new arms he kept getting, he must have been awake and aware at some point during this time.


Yo-kai Watch 2

Hans Full appears as an optional Boss Yo-kai.

During the request "The Haunted Hospital", the player explores Nocturne Hospital alongside the Ghost Club, and eventually comes across Dr. Maddiman's secret laboratory.

Inside, the doctor has finally completed the work on Amatera, but re-names it to Hans Full, as it turned out very different than he had anticipated. He gets distracted when the player shows up along with Whisper who, despite his protests, releases the unstable Hans Full. Afraid of what might happen, Dr. Maddiman retreats, and the player has no choice but to battle the now out of control Hans Full.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Hans Full appears as an optional Boss Yo-kai.

He can be fought in Busters T Mode, in the "Nushisu Temple 4" Dungeon

Game Data


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Too Much To Handle Hands (Japanese: もてあます手 Moteamasu Te) - Single enemy
Technique Fresco Throw (Japanese: フラスコ投げ Furasuko Nage) Fire Three enemies
Technique Flask from The Throat (Japanese: のどからフラスコ Nodokara Furasuko) - Self
Technique Shocking! (Japanese: ショッキングな電気 Shokkinguna Denki) Single enemy
Inspirit Memorable Musk (Japanese: ハンパない悪臭 Hanpanai Akushū) - Three enemies
Breathes foul-smelling breath on his opponents, causing their HP to decrease gradually.
Soultimate Move Furious Karma Fist (Japanese: 一二三死業烈拳 Ichi Ni San Shi Gōretsu-ken) - 3 enemies
Clobbers opponents with his 5 fists.


Moteamasu is derived from "moteamasu" (Japanese: 持て余す "to be beyond one's control")

Hans Full is derived from "to have one's hands full".

In both versions, Hans Full's intended name Amatera (Japanese: アマテラス Amaterasu) is derived from the Shinto deity Amaterasu


  • Both Hans Full and his creator Dr. Maddiman have Soultimate Moves with Japanese names that make use of puns where a kanji pronounced as "shi" is replaced by "死" (Japanese: shi Death).

In other languages

Language Name
UK flag
Hans Full
JP flag
モテアマス Moteamasu
KR flag
나마도라 Namadora
China Flag
FR flag
SA flag
IT flag
Germany Flag
NL flag

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