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Hardy Hound
マイティードッグ, Maitii Doggu
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Hardy Hound (friend form)
Attribute Rank
Ice icon Rank A icon
Time Type
Hardy Hound is not numbered.
Side-games number
Hardy Hound is not numbered.
Skill Effect
Favorite food
Hardy Hound has no favorite food.
Base Stats
Total: 3040

Hardy Hound (Japanese: マイティードッグ Maitī Doggu) is a Boss Yo-kai.

In Yo-kai Watch Busters and,Yo-kai Watch 3, Hardy Hound can be befriended, and is a Rank A Ice-attribute Rare Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.


Hardy Hound is a large, muscular white komainu yokai bearing heavy similarities to Komasan. His fur is white with long tufts sprouting from his cheeks adorned with red spirals, red, fluffy spirals are present on his hips. He has a furrowed brow with light blue, pupil-less eyes and blue flames atop his eyebrows. His inner ears, chest fur, stomach, and tail are a dull, dark blue. On his back he carries a green pouch with a spiral pattern filled with skulls. He also carries a small, green coin purse strapped to his left-arm.



  • Released from the Crank-a-kai (Yo-kai Watch 3): "This is me getting out and I'm a guy with no luck! Mongeee~ someone will regret this, zuraa!" (このおらを出すとは 運のないヤツ! モンゲええ後悔させてやるずらあ)
  • Released from the Crank-a-kai(Wibble Wobble):"Oh My Swirls! I LIKE YOU!! Take some of these bombs!!"


Rubeus J

When Rubeus J, the cause of Venoct's death was defeated by Venoct, he told Venoct that there was a Yo-kai one level above him, Hardy Hound. Venoct then went to search for Hardy Hound. The two appear to be decent friends.

Captain Thunder

He is probably one level above Hardy Hound.


It is unknown if the two have ever battled.

Abilities and Powers


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Practiced punch(正拳突き) Single enemy
No description.
Technique Blizzard Ice Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Curse of fear(恐怖の呪い) Single enemy
The inspirited yo-kai becomes afraid, making it not move.
Soultimate Move Exploding Strike(爆裂悶景ストライク) 15-22 x 10 back two columns
No description.
Skill Explosive Power (Japanese: 爆発力 Bakuhatsu-ryoku)
First attack will always land a critical.

Busters/Blasters Moveset

Hardy Hound

strong against;ice

weak against;fire

Busters Skill; Handmade bomb- bombs the user sets down don't hurt allies

Move Base Power/description
 Attack 50 ((hits a nearby enemy))
Ultra Explosion 750 (Plants a bomb that explodes after a few minutes, hitting enemies and allies alike.)
Rock 40(user attacks enemies hit with rocks, if charged does more damage)
Soultimate; Exposive Anguish Bomb 80 x 5 (User throws bombs that does great damage)

Moves that can be learned:

Move Base Power/description
Full Spirited Attack 100 (hits all nearby enemies with massive damage)
Super-Attack down None (The enemy's strength goes down by a lot. If charged, can affect enemies around that enemy)


Hardy Hound makes an appearance in EP053, in a description which Rubeus J makes to Venoct upon defeating him. Red J states Hardy Hound is far stronger to him and that he answers to him. Upon hearing this, Venoct states he will not lose and begins searching for Hardy Hound.

MD and RJ

Befriended Hardy Hound and Rubeus J with Momotaronyan

In EP064, he makes a cameo in Komasan's expedition to find the Yeti. Komasan unknowingly encounters him and mistakes him as the Yeti.

Momotaronyan befriended him along with Rubeus J in EP093.

In EP112, Hardy Hound, Gargaros, Rubeus J and Cap'n Crash went to Disrupting Class Academy, but all they did is to damage the school.

In EP113, Rubeus J, Hardy Hound and Captain Thunder have caught Whisper for stealing their spiked microphone and starts to beat Whisper up, sending him flying out of the building while singing.


  • His medal is available as a free gift for purchasing the Shiro Inu-tai version of Yo-kai Watch Busters.
  • He and Whismellowman are one of the two rarest Yo-kai currently in the English version of Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble.

Name Origin

  • "Hardy Hound" is a combination of "Hardy" meaning Mighty and "Hound", another word for dog, essentially mimicking its Japanese name using synonyms.

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