Hot Air Buffoon (Japanese: いばる~ん Ibarūn) is a Rank B Fire-attribute Merican Yo-kai of the Brave tribe.


Hot Air Buffoon is a hot air balloon that is burgundy colored at the top, a yellow line across the center, and royal purple at the bottom with two yellow buttons. He has a brown mustache, lime green pupils, and a golden crown with a red gem.

He can make someone become very boastful.


Yo-kai Watch 3

Hot Air Buffoon can be found in the desert south of the Walnur Village


Iballoon's design is a wordplay on ibaru (威張る, "being overbearing or bossy, acting boastfully, putting on airs") and the English balloon.

Hot Air Buffoon is a wordplay on the word "buffoon", someone who makes a fool of themselves, and "hot air balloon" which is what he is.


In other languages

  • Italian: Pallongonfio