Hottocake (Japanese: ほっとケーキ Hottocake) is a Rank E Restoration-attribute Merican Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.


Hottocake is an anthropomorphic pile of pancakes with melted butter on her head. She wears a light pink dress, a white apron, and a light pink bow on her head to match her dress. She has shiny emerald green eyes.


She really wants attention. She doesn't mind having someone licking the butter on her head because it tastes sweet.



When Hottocake met Dandoodle, he attracts her. She started to get his attention even better.

Abilities and Powers

Hottocake has the ability to make those she inspirits annoyed if they aren't paid any attention.


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Slap (Japanese: はたく Hataku)
No description.
Technique Heal (Japanese: いやしの術 Iyashi no Jutsu) Restoration
No description.
Inspirit Reliever (Japanese: ほっとさせる Hottosaseru) Single Ally
Give the ally some space, allowing them to heal some HP back.
Soultimate Move Won't-Leave-You-Be Show (Japanese: ほっとけないでショー Hottokenaide Show) Restoration All Allies
Recovers some health, as well as allowing them to regain HP slowly.
Skill Relax (Japanese: リラックス Rirakkusu) All Allies
Gradually replenish HP while waiting to move.


Hottocake debuted in episode 148. It also reveals that before she was a Yo-kai, she was baked by a housewife, but died instantly when she was neglected, which explains why she wants attention.

She was then later summoned in episode 204, along with Lazy Sundae, Life-Is-Parfait, Oh-Bah-Gah, Demonade and Marunugget respectively to make Nate force The food Yo-kai's summoned to be eaten by Demuncher.



Hottocake's design is a pun on hottoite! (ほっといて!, "leave me alone!"), and hotcake (ホットケーキ, wasei-eigo/nickname for the pancake).