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The Ice Attribute (Japanese: 氷属性 Kōri-zokusei) is one of the 8 Yo-kai attributes.

Most of the Yo-kai of this attribute are of the Charming tribe. Ice Yo-kai are strong over Wind Yo-kai but are weak against Fire Yo-kai.

List of Ice-attribute Yokai

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank B icon YW10-001 Slacka-slash Juice
Rank S icon Namahage YW6-006 Snartle Meat
Rank C icon Benkei YW2-006 Benkei Chinese Food
Rank B icon Yamato Sushiyama Soba Noodles
Rank S icon Kuwaga Taisho YW9-002 Beetall Vegetables
Rank D icon Kazekamo YW6-008 Duchoo Seafood
Rank C icon Kageroshi Elloo Bread
Rank S icon YW9-008 Frostail Oden Stew
Rank D icon Yoroisan YW5-009 Armsman Vegetables
Rank C icon Fuji-no-yama YW4-012 Mad Mountain Sushi
Rank B icon Ginkaku Castelius II Milk
Rank E icon Samugari YW6-014 Pupsicle Ramen
Rank A icon Gari Oji YW6-020 Chilhuahua Ramen
Rank B icon Blizzaria Frostina Candy
Rank S icon Fubukihime YW3-015 Blizzaria Candy
Rank S icon Damona Damona Candy
Rank A icon Daianyan YW2-021 Dianyan Chocobars
Rank E icon Michibiki YW1-043 Leadoni Candy
Rank D icon Chikuchikuuni Hurchin Bread
Rank E icon Korinbo Slush Juice
Rank B icon YW10-015 Alhail Juice
Rank C icon Cheeksqueek Cheeksqueek Milk
Rank A icon Hekokijin YW1-054 Cuttincheez Milk
Rank A icon Insomni Insomni Candy
Rank A icon Tsuchinokopanda YW2-041 Pandanoko Hamburgers

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank E icon Katazukerai YW6-001 Brushido Sweet Things
Rank B icon Arai Masho YW6-004 Washogun Sweet Things
Rank E icon Shishimaru Lie-in Ice
Rank A icon Manojishi YW4-004 Lie-in Heart Chinese Food
Rank C icon U.S.O. YW4-008 Failian Sushi
Rank E icon Urayameshi YW5-008 Wotchagot Chinese Food
Rank D icon Monomannequin YW6-012 Mimikin Candy
Rank A icon Robonyan F-Type YW7-015 Robonyan F Chocobars
Rank D icon Tsuragawari YW6-015 Jumbelina Sweet Things
Rank D icon Hitotsumekozou YW4-016 Boyclops Oden Stew
Rank D icon Edokko Panda PYW-113 Panja Pupil Sushi
Rank B icon O-Edo Ninja Panda PYW-122 Panja Pro Sushi
Rank C icon None Nekidspeed Curry
Rank A icon Meronnyan YW6-022 Melonyan Chocobars
Rank C icon Rimokonkakushi YW6-030 Count Zapaway Hamburgers
Rank B icon None Snobetty Sushi
Rank E icon Otomorashi Squeeky Curry
Rank B icon Bakuonnarashi Rawry Curry
Rank B icon None Draaagin Ramen

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch Busters

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank A icon YW9-003 Nyankishi Snacks
Rank A icon YW11-008 Hardy Hound Ice Cream
Rank B icon USApyon USApyon Donuts
Rank B icon B-USApyon B-USApyon Donuts

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank S icon NamanamahageUkiukipedia Namanamahage Meat
Rank D icon None Damajor Hot Dogs
Rank B icon None Damajor Nine Hot Dogs
Rank E icon None Kuchisuberashi Hot Dogs
Rank D icon None Karayaburi Bread
Rank S icon YD3-011 Snow Rabby Pasta
Rank C icon None Nanskunk Pizza
Rank C icon OtonabullUkiukipedia Otonabull Juice
Rank C icon None Jikoken-o Sushi
Rank C icon None Annojoe Hot Dogs
Rank B icon KapperUkiukipedia Kapper Hamburgers
Rank S icon USApyon Sima Yi USApyon Chutatsu Donuts
Rank A icon None USApyon Queen Donuts
Rank B icon None Kechirashi Vegetables
Rank S icon None Gentlemenken Soba Noodles
Rank B icon None Abura-sumashi Tempura
Rank S icon None Nandaryuoh Meat
Rank S icon None Nostradamas Soba Noodles


  • Out of all the 8 main tribes, the Heartful tribe is the only tribe without a member that has an Ice attribute.

In other languages

  • Italian: Ghiaccio

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