Inaho Misora
Inaho Mizora
Japanese name 未空 イナホ
Nickname Inaho-san
Age 11
Hometown Springdale
Relatives Riku (Younger Brother)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Japanese voice Aoi Yūki
Game debut Yo-kai Watch 3
Anime debut USApyon Is Here!
Movie debut Enma Daiō to Itsutsu no Monogatari da Nyan!

Hailey Anne (Japanese: 未空 イナホ Misora Inaho) is one of the playable characters of Yo-kai Watch 3 and the partner of the Yo-kai Usapyon. Hailey became a deuteragonist since the second season of the animated series.


Yo-kai Watch animation: Season 2

Yo-kai Watch animation: Season 3

Yo-kai Watch 3

Inaho Misora first appeared in the anime in EP077, when she tries to buy a limited Pretty Space Guardian Sailor Piers figure, but to her dismay, the last one got sold out right before she got to the front of the line. She was really upset about the situation, but when she hears a voice coming from a space watch, she buys it and gets remotivated. The watch is really a Yo-kai Watch U Prototype (possibly left there by USApyon), but she's still excited by possibly meeting aliens. She then meets USApyon, who then confesses that it is really a Yo-kai Watch and that he is a Yo-kai, not an alien. Misora is uninterested at first, even after USApyon gives her his medal to demonstrate the summoning function, until given the Sailor Piers toy she missed out on earlier in the episode. Afterwords, he asks for her help in finding a scientist named Professor Hyuri who he knew when he was alive. With some help from Hungramps and Tattletell, they find Professor Hyuri. Sadly, he is in a state of depression because he blames himself for an accident that USApyon caused. So she convinces USApyon to build a rocket ship to cheer him up.

In EP088, after helping USApyon build the rocket ship and demonstrating the rocket launch to Professor Hyuri, Inaho suggested to start up a detective agency so they can help Yo-kai in need. As of EP104, the InaUSA detective agency has officially shut down following the identity reveal and death of Phantom Thief Kopin. However, it reopened in EP120.

In EP098, she updates her watch and it becomes the yellow Yo-kai Watch U-2.

In EP105-EP106, EP108-EP112, EP114-EP115, and EP117-EP118, Yo-kai attempt to cause trouble for her "Demonic" classmates, but the Yo-kai's plans always backfire.

In EP120-EP129, she, USApyon, and their Yo-kai client(s) learn what the featured Yo-kai does in its everyday life and how it became a Yo-kai.

In EP132 and EP148, Riku attempts to learn the truth about her and USApyon.

In EP133-EP134 and EP139, she gets possessed by Kangaeroo. He is defeated twice by Nate's accidents and the last time by Snottle; however, Inaho becomes upset at Nate afterwards.

In EP134, she breaks USApyon's 4 rocket and fails to deliver a satisfactory apology, causing him to flee to Nate's. Nate summons Tattletell and Sunao and they possess Inaho. In the end of the segment, Inaho gives USApyon a 75 rocket. Since he did not get a 4 rocket replacement, USApyon enters Vader Mode again, blasting Inaho, Nate, Whisper, Jibanyan, and Tomnyan.

Season 3

In EP119, EP134, EP149-EP150, and the second movie, she and USApyon interact with Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan.

In the games

Yo-kai Watch 3

Inaho meets USApyon for the first time by summoning him. They later start a detective agency. In chapter 6, they befriend Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan, whom the former become friends with Komasan again. In chapter 7, they befriend Mac.

Physical traits

Inaho Misora

Inaho's appearance

Inaho is a short elemantery school student who is around the same age as Nate. She has a light-skinned color and has purple/violet short hair with a front bang. She wears big round glasses and has violet-blue eye color with black pupils. She wears a blue skirt with a yellow flower pattern on the left side of her chest, with a pink cardigan with white and blue colors on the sleeves over it. She wears as well a white skirt with blue leggings and yellow converses with white shoe laces and white tips on her shoes. She wears her Yo-kai Watch on her left wrist.

In EP088-EP118, EP141-present, she wears a blue sweater shirt with a white hoodie with pomp-poms and pink interior and pink pockets over it. She wears a brown skirt with cerise colored tights and brown to dark brown sneakers.

On daily life occurrences, she wears a pink shirt with white lines around the sleeve and a white skirt with gray buttons. She as well once wore a coral colored shirt with a flower print on it. However, her appearance varies during the animated series and in Yo-kai Watch 3.

Formerly, the only accessory she was wearing was the Yo-kai Watch U Prototype, but she updated her watch and she currently wears the yellow Yo-kai Watch U-2.


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Inaho tends to talk quite a lot and she absolutely loves anything space related. She is a bit of an otaku and has a huge collection of space and anime merchandise. Sometimes Inaho has a short attention span and tends to not notice how she annoys her Yo-kai partner USApyon with her antics. She can also be a bit of an airhead, tending to associate anything and everything in her life, from mundane tasks to objects to genuine danger posed by certain Yo-kai, with episodes after her favorite show, Pretty Space Guardian Sailor Piers much to USApyon's annoyance. Whenever something doesn't turn out to be an alien or anything space-related, she easily becomes disappointed and uninterested.


In other languages

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