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Inflammaboy! (Japanese: 激辛ボーイ Gekikara Bōi) is a Fire-attribute Rank S of the Charming Tribe.



Inflammaboy! is the recolor of Bad Boya. He has brown hair and a yellow mask. He also wears a blue cape and blue shoes. His blue shoes look as if they have rhino horns on them. His skin is as red as flaming fire.

Those who are inspirited by Inflammaboy! can better tolerate spicy food. Inflammaboy! can also turn his victims wild and discover the crimes that they committed.


Inflammaboy! debuted in EP212 where inspirits Katie Forester to withstand the spicy. Later He inspirits Hailey Anne which turn her wild and spreads hot sauce over Whisper, Robonyan F, Snottle, Dracunyan, Poofessor, Lappinitup, and Manjimutt later they were victims of the Komasan Bus, where they were committed crimes of the previous episodes, Komasan, and Komajiro drives them into lava, the Yo-Kai that committed crimes undo their crimes (Poofessor gets rid of all his trivia poo, Snottle blocks his nose with plugs, Robonyan F puts an iron diaper on, Manjimutt repairs Sam), Jerry was onboard sleeping, and eating Poofessor's trivia poo.


How to befriend

Yo-kai Watch 3

Inflammaboy! can be freed from the Dream Roulette in St. Peanutsburg with a Pink Coin.


"Inflammaboy" is a portmantaeu of the words Inflammable and Boy.


In other languages

  • Italian: Rybollo